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Author: The Brain Tumour Charity

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  • Managing my memory- Insight and top tips from our young ambassador, Rebecca.

    Recently we were lucky enough to have some time with our wonderful Young Ambassador Rebecca, to explore what being a teenager with a Brain Tumour was like for her.

  • We need faster brain tumour diagnosis – Lily’s story

    Earlier this Brain Tumour Awareness Month we caught up with one of our Trustees, Hayley Conroy, to learn more about the devastating diagnosis experience that her granddaughter, Lily, and family went through. Ahead of the launch of our faster diagnosis report in just two weeks’ time, we are talking about how important a quick, well-supported, and earlier brain tumour diagnosis process is. You can read our previous blog about why we are campaigning on this here.

  • Supporting children with anxiety and Stress

    Some hints and tips on how you can support your child/children when they are showing signs of stress and anxiety.

  • BRIAN is making an impact!

    BRIAN has been designed for everyone, whether you’re living with a brain tumour, caring for someone who is, or you work in healthcare or research. You can also be a part of BRIAN if you’ve lost someone to a brain tumour by contributing valuable historical data. Here, three users explain how BRIAN has helped them.

  • Being active when living with a brain tumour

    Specialist physiotherapists in neuro-oncology, Jenny Collins and Serena Hartley, share their advice on taking part in physical activity when you’re living with a brain tumour.

  • 10 ways bake sales improve employee engagement

    Employee engagement is rising to the top of every manager’s and HR Department’s list. But how can we all do more to keep our staff happy?

  • Ways to help and cope when someone you love is diagnosed with a brain tumour

    12 pieces of heartfelt advice from those who understand what life is like when someone you love has a brain tumour.

  • 12 ways to boost your wellbeing

    When you’re living with a brain tumour or supporting someone, it can be hard to prioritise your wellbeing. But looking after your emotional, physical and psychological needs is important.

  • All you need is love…and maybe a bit of inspiration

    Date night ideas whether you’re suffering with brain tumour-related fatigue, a lack of money, or just a plain lack of ideas.

  • Helping love blossom

    When one person is diagnosed with a brain tumour, maintaining a relationship can be difficult.