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We will accelerate cures for all brain tumours

Research is our highest priority, because it’s research that will propel the most powerful change for everyone diagnosed with a brain tumour – now and in the future. We’ll continue to focus our funding on areas that will have the biggest impact for the brain tumour community, collaborating across borders and disciplines.

A researcher, a young person of colour wearing a lab coat, blue latex gloves and red, The Brain Tumour Charity-branded bandana, investigates samples over a lightbox.

Our research strategy

Our new research strategy for 2022-2027, Accelerating a Cure, outlines our priorities over five years as we strive to create a world where brain tumours are defeated.

Case Studies


The Tessa Jowell BRAIN MATRIX is a first-of-its-kind study that will enable doctors to treat brain tumours with drugs that are more targeted than ever before. 

An illustration of scientist who is a woman of colour looking down a microscope against a purple background.

Scientists join forces to transform treatments

Experts at The Everest Centre are delivering a cutting-edge program of scientific research to develop pioneering new treatments for children diagnosed with low-grade brain tumours.

Dr Ola Rominiyi in a white lab coat in a laboratory

The Samantha Dickson Fund funds state-of-the-art research into new brain tumour treatments

The Samantha Dickson Fund, which raises money for The Brain Tumour Charity, is funding innovative research at the University of Sheffield.

Podcast – Episode 17

In this episode Chandos talks to Nicola about how she uses the BRIAN app to help her manage some of the side effects of her diagnosis, including using it to track side effects, to remember when she has a seizure and to keep a record so she can show her husband, family members and also her medical team.

How can I get involved?

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