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We will raise our global voices

We’ll raise our global voices, connecting and collaborating in the UK and abroad to amplify awareness of brain tumours, be activists for progress and generate the resources and income we need to power change!

The Brain Tumour Charity volunteers smiling as they visit Scottish Parliament to promote Better Safe Than Tumour - an awareness campaign for the signs and symptoms of brain tumours

Case Studies

Involvement Champion Attends the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer

Phillipa Anders, an Involvement Champion at The Brain Tumour Charity, shares her experience attending the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer

Launching our new Fighting for Faster Diagnosis report

Today marks the launch of our new report explaining the urgent need for faster diagnosis of brain tumours and how policymakers can help make this happen.

72% of UK adults unable to name a single brain tumour symptom

In a survey of 1,000 people in the UK, nearly 3 in 4 are unable to name a single symptom of a brain tumour, The Brain Tumour Charity finds.


In this episode, Neil Munn and Donald Innes talk about their time as Involvement Champions for the charity.  They share what being an Involvement Champion means

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