Lizzie's Fund

Raising funds for The Brain Tumour Charity inspired by Lizzie who is living with a brain tumour

Lizzie's Story

Lizzie is 9 years old; a kind and creative, thoughtful and happy child. On 9th February 2018, after just a couple of weeks of minor symptoms - some double vision, a slight squint and generally just a bit wobbly - Lizzie was diagnosed with a brain tumour. It was the eve of the half term holiday and we were about to depart for a girls holiday of a lifetime, meeting up with her Dad, Mark, in Vietnam, who was away competing in a classic car rally. Within a few hours, Mark was on a plane home. An MRI had confirmed a horrifying diagnosis, a brain tumour which is rare and inoperable and has changed our lives.

We were referred from Colchester to Addenbrooks to Great Ormond Street Hospital. At GOSH she was placed on the BIOMEDE Trial, part funded by The Brain Tumour Charity, but has more recently switched to an alternative drug treatment. Lizzie's 'Beads of Courage' tell the tale that sadly is shared by many other children with cancer. Each bead recognises the treatment and procedures which she has born with her lovely smile - the dozens of drug treatments, radiotherapy, scans, blood tests, clinic assessments and much much more. Lizzie is most proud of her magenta bead, for our ambulance ride on that first frightening night, when we were transferred from Colchester to Addenbrooks.

Baking has been a fantastic constant for Lizzie. She loves to bake, everything from cakes to breads to dog biscuits, and has won prizes at local shows in the adult classes. She had a fantastic day baking with one of her heroines, Nikki Lily, who won Junior Bake Off.

Lizzie is writing a baking recipe book, so our days are full of lots of baking and fun activities with our family, whilst her treatment and battle against this awful disease continues.

Lizzie's Fund

Lizzie's love for baking inspired her fundraising. It started with asking her Headmaster if she might host a cake stall at school, from which she raised over £5,000. In turn, this has inspired the rest of her family and friends with more bake sales, a sponsored swim, a mud run and raffles; so within a couple of months fundraising has already reached over £10,000. And this is just the start.

With the launch of Lizzie's Fund, Lizzie wants specifically to support research into childhood brain tumours, research which is so absolutely critical as we battle this awful disease.

Lizzie bravely supports research every day through her participation in research trials. We all hope that Lizzie's Fund will provide the critical funds required to find a cure and thank everyone in advance for donating and supporting our battle.

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