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The Chris Thomson Fund

Raising funds for The Brain Tumour Charity in memory of Chris.

£24,038.38 funds raised so far

Chris' story

Written by Chris before he passed away on 30 November 2014.

I was first diagnosed back on 16th June 1994 with a benign tumour which got treated with two successful operations and a six week course of radiotherapy. To all intents, after check ups and scans showing that the tumour had shrunk! I was an outpatient once again and the world of tumours was far behind me….

I never thought that I would once again be sat in a consultant's room being told that there was an unwanted lump of undesirable materiel in my head though, but lo and behold, on the 23 September 2013, I was diagnosed with a grade 4 glioma in my thalamus. It's in such a position that it can't be operated on, so to date it's had chemo tablets and a combination of radiotherapy and chemo tablets to combat it.

Everything's very much in the 'let's see how that works' stage at the moment, with scan results showing one thing and the opposite seeming to happen. The latest treatment is a 5 day course of 400mg chemo tablets, then 3 weeks off them, then repeat for about a year; apparently the research done shows this to be an effective way to combat the tumour.

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We need as much as possible to be done towards aiding the research to give us the best chance we can against what is far too often a seemingly one sided battle, hopefully whatever I can raise through this fund can help us all.