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The Colin Nugent Fund

Raising funds for The Brain Tumour Charity in memory of Colin.


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Colin’s story

On 12 June 2011 our lives changed forever. On this day after a seizure Colin was rushed to our local hospital where they carried out many tests and scans. The hospital team sat us down and explained they had discovered Colin had a tumour on the brain.

In the August he was put under the care of Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge where the first operation was performed to de-bulk and to do a biopsy of the tumour.
When you think things can’t get any worse we had a meeting with the consultant where they confirmed it was a GBM grade 4. What was the plan from here we asked? There was an intense course of radiotherapy and chemo to be had.

“He was a hard worker and a wonderful husband, dad and brother. He is the strongest and bravest man we will ever know”

Later that year we discovered that the chemo and radio had been unsuccessful, so Colin went back into hospital in the November to reduce the tumour once again. The operation went well but Colin developed a wound infection which really set him back – he had another four operations over the Christmas period to control the infection. But unfortunately after having so much treatments his sight and mobility went downhill very quickly.

In January 2013 we were told there was nothing else they could do, so from then on Colin stayed at home with his family who looked after him all day, every day, along with the wonderful district nurses who kept him comfortable.

Home is where Colin wanted to be. We have a very relaxing an calming house which made him feel very settled and at peace. Sadly on 21 March Colin passed away.

When you lose such an important part of your family like this things will never be the same again, but by becoming a Supporter Group it keeps you looking forward by helping others. We even hope that with our support a cure might be found for brain tumours.