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Jake’s story

Jake died suddenly but peacefully in his sleep from an undiagnosed cerebellar pilocytic astrocytoma just 3 weeks after his 2nd birthday.

Jake lived in Manchester with his parents, Carly and David, and his baby brother, Charlie, who was just 14 weeks old at the time. Jake was a wonderful little boy, a pleasure to be around and always happy and smiling.

Jake had been displaying various symptoms for about 3 months prior to his death and had been given thorough checks by GPs both at the local doctors surgery and at Booth Hall Children’s Hospital. The main symptoms we noticed were stumbling and falling over quite frequently and a head tilt. He also seemed to have some difficulty swallowing occasionally. Jake was not in any pain or, if he was, he never complained.

A verdict of natural causes was recorded at Jake’s inquest. They said that the tennis ball sized tumour had bled which had caused massive pressure and irreparable damage and Jake had simply stopped breathing. They said there was nothing anyone could have done.

“We are extremely grateful to The Brain Tumour Charity for their help and support. The work that they do is invaluable and hopefully through our fundraising we can help them to find out more about the causes and early diagnosis of brain tumours”

Jake is terribly missed by his family and everyone who knew him. He loved Thomas The Tank Engine and In The Night Garden. He was a wonderful son and big brother. His loss is indescribable. Jake became a big brother for the second time when Carly, David and Charlie welcomed another beautiful baby boy, Alfie, in January 2010.

For more information about Jake, please visit www.jakekershaw.co.uk.

Thank you Carly, David, Charlie and Alfie

Jake and his brother Charlie