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The Peta-Jane Gath Fund

Raising funds for The Brain Tumour Charity in memory of Peta-Jane.


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Peta-Jane’s story

Peta-Jane was my wife, sadly taken from me and our 8 month old daughter, Leah Grace, at the age of 31, by an aggressive brain tumour.

In time, I decided to choose a charity to raise funds in her memory. I looked long and hard at what was out there, I even considered starting one on my own. Then I found out about The Brain Tumour Charity.

This brave young girl fell victim to this terrible disease in 1996. Her parents, to their horror, found research to be lacking and years behind, and pledged to increase the work done on this much forgotton cancer. Today they have done just that and, to their credit, The Brain Tumour Charity raises millions of pounds for this much needed research.