Time to get your bandana on!

On 3 March 2017, help us to kickstart Brain Tumour Awareness Month by joining the thousands of people who will #WearItOut to defeat brain tumours. Our united community will come together to raise vital funds for research into brain tumours - all while rocking a bandana!

Get involved this Brain Tumour Awareness Month

Less than 2% of cancer research funding is spent on research into brain tumours. We know that for the 10,600 people diagnosed each year, this isn't good enough. You can help us change this. Raising £150k for Brain Tumour Awareness Month 2017 could fund 600 days of research.

Whether you design your own bandana, buy one from on our online shop or use one you already have, there are loads of ways you can #WearItOut on 3 March.

When you #WearItOut on 3 March, you'll be making a difference to the lives of those affected by a brain tumour.

  • £50 could enable a researcher to purchase materials for testing potential new brain tumour treatments in the laboratory, including equipment which can be used to grow and culture brain tumour cells.
  • £100 could pay for a test to understand the genetic changes associated with the development of a brain tumour, which could lead to new treatments.
  • £150 could help pay for a clinical research nurse to monitor the health of patients involved in a clinical trial and ensure the patients are well supported throughout the process.
  • £250 could fund a day's work for one of our leading brain tumour researchers to further the understanding of a particular type of brain tumour, to provide more targeted treatments.
  • £500 could help cover the cost of a researcher to analyse tumour samples from people participating in a clinical trial, helping to understand the impact of the trial and make recommendations for treatment.
  • £1000 could pay for 15 tests to understand the genetic changes associated with development of a brain tumour to help develop personalised treatments.

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