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Coronavirus and brain tumours - videos

We know that there will be a number of concerns from our community related to the coronavirus and how it can affect you following a brain tumour diagnosis. So we wanted to bring you the answers to a few questions on video from our brain tumour specialists to help you worry a little less.

If you have further questions that are not answered below, please send these to and we will endeavour to answer them or share them with our expert professionals for more information.

We've put your questions about coronavirus to our brain tumour experts, watch their responses below:

Please note: guidance in these videos was correct at the time of filming. Guidance may have changed since filming.

Professor Ashkan was recently featured in the news for successfully removing a brain tumour with the patient playing the violin during the procedure in a UK-first.

Watch the news report here

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We’ve added a coronavirus questionnaire to BRIAN, our trusted online app, to gather information on how the disease is impacting our community. Completing this questionnaire will help us provide the right help and guidance to people.