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Brain tumours don’t care if you’re a mother, a husband or even a child

Hayley and Matthew smiling before Matthew passed from a brain tumour - your Do 1 Thing donation can help find a cure

Do 1 Thing: Your donation will help create change!

Today, 33 people will hear the devastating words, “You have a brain tumour.” Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40. Every year, 5,300 people lose their lives to this

disease. Yet, shockingly, only around 3% of national cancer research funding is spent on brain tumours.

You can help change this!

Please give £10 now to fund more research into better, kinder treatments and charge forward together to find a cure.

A couple smiling while wearing The Brain Tumour Charity t-shirts

When the person you love the most in the world has a brain tumour you feel totally helpless

Hayley lost her husband Matthew to a brain tumour when he was just 32 years old.

Brain tumours can strike anyone at any time. By giving a donation of £10 today you will fund vital research to find better, kinder treatments and help us get closer to a cure.

Rebekah smiles over the shoulder of her son, who is eating chocolate. Your donation can help people like Rebekah.

I live in fear of a seizure happening. I just want to see my little boy grow up and make memories together without worrying about the side effects of my brain tumour.

Rebekah is living with a low grade brain tumour.