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WHO 2021 CNS Tumour Classification – Changes and Implications from a Paediatric Perspective

Hear from leaders in the the paediatric brain tumour field about the changes in CNS tumour classification in the 2021 WHO publication, including the implications for clinical practice.

Dr David Ellison and Dr Amar Gajjar (both based at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital) will share their insights into the new classification and how this will impact therapeutic strategies.

Date: Wednesday 12 January 2022
Time: 3.00pm GMT 
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Overview of the webinar

  • Overview of the 5th edition of the “WHO Classification of tumors of the Central Nervous System”
  • Classification of paediatric-type low grade tumours, followed by the new therapeutic approaches to this tumour type 
  • Classification of paediatric-type high grade tumours, followed by the new therapeutic approaches to this tumour type
  • Update to the classification of medulloblastoma
  • Therapeutic approaches to infant SHH-activated medulloblastoma
  • Q&A

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Meet the speakers

A state-of-the-art platform for speakers to engage with the UK and international neuro-oncology community, where presenting our new data has directly led to several potential future collaborations which will move our research forward even faster.

Dr Ruman Rahman, Associate Professor of Molecular Neuro-oncology, University of Nottingham

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The webinar is free to join and will be held using Zoom. Help on how to use Zoom can be found here.

If you’ve any questions, or would like to present your data at one of our future webinars, please contact the Research team on research@thebraintumourcharity.org or call +44 (0)1252 418190.

Date: Wednesday 12 January 2022
Time: 3.00pm GMT
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Dr David Ellison
Dr Amar Gajjar

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