The Scottish Brain Tumour Debate

On the 7th December Members of the Scottish Parliament will have a chance to have their say on brain tumours.

We have been working with Alexander Stewart MSP to raise awareness of our cause and to help secure this debate. Mr Stewart was inspired by the story of his constituent, Shona Richardson, who sadly lost her husband Mark, aged 32 in 2016. He subsequently tabled a motion entitled Brain Tumour Awareness in Scotland which achieved Cross Party Support and received nearly 50 signatures from his fellow MSPs. He is uniting with us to highlight the equally devastating impact brain tumours have had on the lives of Shona and her young family as they have had to over 11,000 people diagnosed each and every year in the UK.

MSPs have one hour to discuss brain tumour awareness in Scotland and what can be done to improve it.

How You Can Help

We need you to contact your local MSPs, sharing your story as to why this is a cause that needs more recognition, and encourage them to attend.

  1. You can find out who your local MSPs are here, and by typing in your postcode it will allow you to send an email directly to them.
  2. Please copy and paste the template below to your local MSP.

Dear [insert name of your local MSP]

As one of your constituents I am writing to you today to ask that you attend the debate in the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 7th December, following First Minister's Questions, regarding Brain Tumour Awareness in Scotland (S5M-07735), as tabled by Alexander Stewart MSP. I understand that The Brain Tumour Charity are sending you a briefing, detailing all the key facts and figures, but nothing will be as powerful as if I share my story and why it is important to me.

This is important to me to becauseā€¦ [please detail your personal connection to this cause].

Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40 and have a survival rate of under 20% over five years. Something must be done to change this and this debate is a first step towards that.

I hope that I can count on your support with this, as you count on mine at election time.

What next...

We will make sure that this will be the start of a conversation about the types of action that can be taken to improve awareness of this devastating disease.

United as a community we will continue to advocate for change for everyone affected.

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