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Fundraising terms and conditions

Thank you for choosing to fundraise for us! 

We rely 100% on voluntary donations and the amazing efforts of our team of inspirational fundraisers, so every pound really does count and will make a huge impact to everyone affected by a brain tumour. Thank you for your support.

General terms and conditions

Please be aware of the following terms and conditions that we ask you to agree to before fundraising and also information on how we store and use your data.

  • I understand that The Brain Tumour Charity will in no way be liable for any claim which may arise from this event.
  • I acknowledge that The Brain Tumour Charity shall not be liable for any injury or loss that might occur as a result of this event.
  • I accept full responsibility and liability for the secure safekeeping of all funds raised or donations received as a result of the activity in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity.
  • I agree to pay all proceeds of the event to The Brain Tumour Charity within 6 weeks of the event finishing.
  • I will contact The Brain Tumour Charity before approaching a celebrity so that we can co-ordinate all contacts and have a record of who has been approached and by whom.
  • I will contact The Brain Tumour Charity before approaching national companies to avoid duplication of contact.
  • As an independent fundraiser, I will refer to my fundraising as being ‘In aid of The Brain Tumour Charity‘.
  • I will be clear and honest with my donors and sponsors about my fundraising and will not bring The Brain Tumour Charity into disrepute.
  • I will contact The Brain Tumour Charity for guidance and use of The Charity’s logo and branding of any promotional materials I wish to produce.
  • I will accept that it is my responsibility to obtain all necessary and appropriate permits, licences, approvals and consents prior to starting my fundraising activity. I will abide by all by-laws and regulations relevant to fundraising pursuant to the Charities Act 2006.

Participants with a Charity place

Adherence to the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Fundraising Practice. Terms & Conditions of participation.

These are the terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) that apply to fundraisers gaining a charity place in a fundraising/challenge event (“the Event”). By signing up for a Charity place, you are agreeing the these terms and conditions.


“The Charity” means The Brain Tumour Charity (Reg Charity No 1150054 (England and Wales) and SC045081 (Scotland)).

“You/Your” means the fundraiser who is registering and agreeing to these terms and conditions as part of their registration.

“The Event” is any fundraising event that has not been organised by The Charity, but instead by a third party company (“Event Organiser”). Your participation in the Event is subject to these Terms and Conditions as well as the Event Organiser’s own terms and conditions. Both set of terms must be fully observed throughout your fundraising and participation at the Event.

“Registration fee” is the individual ticket price that You are required to pay to The Charity, in order to confirm your place at the Event.

“Charity place” is any event place that is purchased (via the payment of a Registration fee) by You, from The Charity in order to guarantee participation. Your participation must be in accordance to conditions laid out in section 2.

a. You must register for a guaranteed Charity place via The Charity website or via an approved third party as advised by The Charity. Including Just Running, Sport for Charity, Action Challenge, Charity Challenge.

b. Your registration fee will need to be paid prior to your participation in the event. Registration fees are non-refundable but may be tranferrable under The Chariy’s discresion.

c. Places may also be avaiable directly through the Event Organiser. In this instance your registration terms and agreement will be governed by the Event Organiser. 

a. All Charity place participants must be aged 18+ on the event Date, unless the Event Organiser states a differing minimum age limit.

b. You pledge to raise the minimum sponsorship target (“Minimum Sponsorship”) for The Charity as a result of your participation in the Event and understand that it is the aim of the Event to raise as much as possible in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity. Details of Minimum Sponsorship amounts for each Event are shown in that specific Event’s listing on The Charity’s website (, and during the registration process.

c. Certain events also require participants to complete a direct registration (“Event Console”) with the Event Organiser. All relevant information and deadline will be communicated to You by The Charity. It is your responsibility to ensure this is completed before the deadline to confirm your place.

d. As a fundraiser witha charity owned place, all fundraising activities linked to The Event, must be in aid of / for the sole benefit of The Brain Tumour Charity.

a. These Terms and Conditions do not cover gaining a Charity place in theTCS London Marathon for The Brain Tumour Charity.

b. The TCS London Marathon Charity places are offered after an annual application process, and has it’s own Terms and Conditions when launched. See the latest London Marathon places for the Charity here.

a. You agree to raise a minimum fundraising amount for your place, as advertised and confirmed with you by The Charity.

b. You agree that all fundraising gained through your participation in the Event, will be raised in a legal and ethical manner.

c. You will make it clear and obvious that you are fundraising “in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity” and not on behalf of The Charity. The Charity are able to supply you with our “in aid of” logos for such activities.

d. If organising a fundraising event, You acknowledge you will be doing so in your own capacity. Whilst carrying out the fundraising activity / requesting sponsorship, You must not place any undue pressure on potential donors or carry out activities that could harm The Charity’s reputation.

e. You will be responsible for gaining any and all relevant permissions / licences required for your fundraising activity from the applicable authorities prior to said activity. During your fundraising activity You must comply with all appropriate health and safety, alcohol, food or drink and gambling legislation.

f. The Charity is not able to provide insurance for Your fundraising activity and so you will be responsible for sourcing the appropriate cover where required.

h. We encourage each participant to set up an online fundraising page to promote and fundraise for The Event. We recommend this be with JustGiving. Although the use of any other preferred platform is permitted.

i. Any offline funds collected by You will be held on trust and paid to The Charity as soon as is reasonably possible along with any relevant, fully completed sponsorship forms.

j. Any cheques will be made payable to “The Brain Tumour Charity” and sent directly to The Charity at the registered address, along with your full name, address and event details.

k. You will endeavour to send all fundraising to The Charity no later than 8 weeks post the Event date. The Charity will automatically thank participants for any received fundraising at this point (8 weeks post the Event date), unless requested otherwise.

l. The Charity will be able to support you with fundraising materials, ideas and stewardship through your activity/ies. Please get in touch at any point with our fundraising team should you need any assistance.

a. All Charity place participants take part in the Event at their own risk.

b. The Charity would require any participant who has doubts in relation to their health or have a pre-existing medical condition that could impact your participation in the Event, to seek professional medical advice around their participation before registering.

c. The Charity understands that those living with a brain tumour wish to take on physical challenges to support The Charity and we would encourage their participation, as long as this didn’t impact on their health or condition as a result. The Charity would therefore ask individuals wishing to take on such activities, seek advice and (if required) permission for their participation.

d. Where a health/ pre-existing condition has been disclosed, but is not deemed a limiting factor in terms of participation, The Charity will discuss with the participant and, where necessary, share the information, in confidence, with the Event Organiser, to ensure safety during the Event.

e. It is each participant’s responsibility to evaluate their fitness and make sure that they only take part if sufficiently fit to do so. Should any medical / physical condition arise prior to the Event which is likely to detrimentally impact the participant’s ability to complete the Event, the participant should notify The Charity and withdraw from the Event.

f. During The Event, participant’s Health and Safety will be the responsibility of The Event Organiser (this may be The Charity if they are the main organiser of the event, but will be a third-party where these are used.) Emergency contact information may be requested by the Event Organiser before your participation on the Event day,

g. Insurance: The Charity does not provide insurance to participants participating or attending events. You will therefore be responsible for arranging appropriate cover to protect you before and/or during The Event.

h. The Charity understand that spectators may attend the Event in support of you. They and you attend entirely at your own risk and The Charity cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or damage to property which arises from your participation in the Event.

a. You shall be responsible for arranging any suitable personal insurance protection to cover activities/fundraisers leading up to The Event as well as The Event itself. The Charity will not provide any insurance for you; this includes medical, life or liability.

b. The Charity cannot be held liable for:

i. any accident/injury resulting in a loss or damage to You where it is sustained from participating in The Event.

ii. any damage/loss as a result of cancellation or changes to The Event, that are beyond The Charity’s control.

iii. any accident/injury sustained as a result of an undisclosed pre-existing medical condition or injury.

c. The Charity will not accept responsibility for the actions, or any consequences, of any Charity place participant during the Event.

d. To be clear, nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude or limit The Brain Tumour Charity’s liability in relation to personal injury or death resulting from negligence or breach of statutory duty on The Charity’s part.

a. A Charity place cannot be, under any circumstances, transferred or sold to any other person, other than the original registered person.

b. Should You wish to withdraw, You must send written notification of this to The Charity at

a. As in 2 (b), all Registration fees are non-refundable, where You elect to not participate in the Event after completing registration.

b. Should You not be able to take part in The Event as a result of a situation out of your control (i.e. medical emergency, bereavement) every effort will be made to arrange a transfer to a preferable event/time, although no guarantee can be made.

a. The Charity reserves the right to refuse your event registration, or to end Your participation in the Event if:

i. You fail to complete the relevant Event Console (where applicable).

ii. You have not raised the agreed minimum fundraising pledge agreed by your registration, or no other arrangements have been agreed with your fundraising timescale.

iii. by participating, you would be going against any medical or health advice to not participate due to an pre-existing condition or injury.

a. You acknowledge and agree that in the event that the Event Organiser cancels / postpones or changes the Event arrangements, their terms and conditions will apply.

b. The Charity will use its reasonable endeavours to communicate any such changes as soon as possible to all registered participants.

c. Should the Event Organiser cancel the Event, The Charity will offer a full refund of the Registration fee of all registered participants as well as returning any sponsorship or donations already collected.

d. Any refund must be requested in writing. Registration fees will be refunded by The Charity directly via the original payment method.

e. If requesting a refund of sponsorship please note that is it was donated:

i. via an online fundraising page and donated within 6 months of the refund request, the request must be directed at the relevant online fundraising platform to process the refund.

ii. via an online fundraising page and donated over 6 months ago, in relation to the refund request, the request must be dealt with by The Charity and refunded back directly.

f. The Charity shall however not be responsible for any additional costs relating to your Charity place including (but not limited to) accommodation, travel or sustenance costs.

a. Where The Charity attends the Event, we will be taking photos and/or videos at this event that we may use in future to promote our work, on and offline.

b. This is valid for the period of time that The Brain Tumour Charity uses photographs/videos of you in any of its marketing activities (social media, website, literature, PR, etc). You have the right to say when you want us to stop using the picture/video, so please let us know.

c. When using photographs/videos, we will only use your name, age and disease if it’s applicable, in the accompanying text/photo/video caption (only first name if under 18).

d. We will not include personal contact details on our website, video, social media or printed publications.

a. When you give us your details, you agree to us recording your details on our secure database. We will only use this information to keep you up to date with our work. You can choose to opt out of communications at any stage by contacting us: / 01252 749990 or by post to Fleet 27, Rye Close, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 2UH.

For more information read our full data protection and privacy policy.

b. We will use your details to manage your participation in the Event, including processing Your registration payment, sending you information about the Event and providing fundraising support. If You are happy to provide any relevant medical/access information it is only used to ensure we can run a safe event and give you the best possible experience. These details and any emergency contact details will be deleted after the event.

Your details are held on our secure database and we promise never to pass them on to another organisation for their marketing purposes. Please remember, no matter what email communication preferences you select below, you can change your contact preferences at any time in the future by emailing or calling 01252 237792.

a. In registering for the Event, You agree to these Terms and Conditions in relation to Your Charity place.

b. The Charity reserve the right to review these Terms and Conditions where deemed necessary. The most up to date version shall be available on The Charity main website.

c. Please ensure all correspondence regarding your participation in the Event is directed to or 01252 237867.

COVID-19: Returning to fundraising activities

We’re incredibly grateful to our community for their continued fundraising and support throughout the pandemic. Brain tumours haven’t paused during this time, and neither have we. 

We need to remain mindful of the continuing impact of COVID-19 as we plan and support fundraising activities for the foreseeable future. Therefore we’ll continue to plan and promote safe and responsible fundraising activities, following the guidance that’s in place in each UK nation.

Although legal restrictions (social distancing, gathering limits, and mandatory face coverings) are changed/ ended, we remain cautious in our approach to fundraising activities and would encourage our supporters to do the same. In addition keeping up to date and follow Government guidance in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Below is our guidance to help you keep safe when fundraising, in relation to COVID-19, in line with the Fundraising Regulator:

We advise that you carry out a thorough risk assessment to identify the risks associated with your fundraising activity. This should include:

  • the type of fundraising activity you are undertaking;
  • any risks to staff, volunteers and members of the public from that activity;
  • the possibility that someone could be exposed to COVID-19 because of that activity, and
  • actions you can take to minimise or remove the risk.

This doesn’t have to be scary or complicated, but writing it down will help you work through your options and help others to feel confident you’re keeping everyone safe.
For more information on risk assessments, visit the Health and Safety Executive website and also see relevant guidance in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. There are a lots of tools online to help you including Resource Centre’s guide to risk assessments for community groups. The Association of Event Organisers has produced specific Covid-19 guidance for events which you may also find useful.

Make sure you have all the equipment you need, both for the fundraising itself and for safety to be maintained. Current Government guidance (from 13 December 2021) face coverings are mandatory in most indoor public places, at large venues and events, and on public transport. So make sure you have yours and if required have some spares.
It is still the case that public transport operators will still require face masks to be worn during travel as well. Ensure you follow this guidance for the nation in which you’re fundraising. See relevant guidance in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
It’s a good idea to make sure you have a copy of your and any relevant third party / venue risk assessment to hand, to help answer any questions you may receive about your activity. 

The reopening of shops and facilities has brought very mixed feelings across the community. The fact that you might be desperate to see other people in real life doesn’t mean your loved ones feel the same. Also, an individual’s financial circumstances may have changed and they may not be able to support you as they would like – but are there any other ways that friends and family can support your event without attending themselves?

Please bear in mind that if your activity is taking place in public, you’ll need to take into account the rules of your location/venue, and that these may differ from the minimum legal standards

Through your risk assesment, you should decide on the measures to be put in place to protect yourself, the public and fundraisers. Social distancing is no longer a legal requirement, however you may choose to adopt social distancing along with other measures (e.g. limiting attendee numbers, enhanced sanitation etc) if you deem it appropriate; for example if you’re hosting an event in a small indoor setting.
We know many people have missed seeing friends and family during the pandemic and also how much hugging means to so many of us. Please do stay within your government’s guidance on distancing and the number of people who are allowed to meet – be mindful that this varies across the UK. 

The Fundraising Regulator Coronavirus guidance can be found here.

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