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Bobby's Fund

£106,317.52 funds raised so far

Bobby's story

Our son Bobby Cox was a month short of his 6th birthday when he was diagnosed with a form of brain tumour, known as a Medulloblastoma. Bobby had only been ill for a week before our GP recommended that we took him to A and E as he was very dehydrated. Bobby had been sick in the mornings and the night before we took him to hospital in Swindon he had fallen over on the way to the loo.He was kept in hospital for 2 nights before one of the doctors suggested that they should do an MRI scan.

The tumour was found and we were immediately taken to the John Radcliffe Children's hospital, Oxford.He was operated on but they could not remove the entire tumour due to the fact that it had grown in to the Medulla.Unfortunately, Bobby's tumour behaved very aggressively and spread rapidly to his spinal cord and other areas in his brain and having suffered a number of seizures he never regained consciousness and died on 2nd July 2014.

Since he died we have tried to raise money for the hospital and The Brain Tumour charity and so far we have raised about £80,000 in total and are determined to continue to raise money in his memory.

The hospital has used the money to buy a monitor to measure pressure on the brain in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and also to improve the playroom and associated facilities on Robbins Ward, which cares for children who have had specialist surgery. The Brain Tumour Charity are using the money to fund projects which specifically research paediatric brain cancers.

At the time Bobby was in Year 1 at Preshute Primary School and was just aboutto go to the same school as his beautiful sister, Phoebe who as 8 at the time. He was a mischievous, adventurous and funny little boy. Throughout his treatment at the John Radcliffe Children's hospital he remained positive and much of his time was spent building Star Wars ships from Lego.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.