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Game Changer Fund

Raising awareness and fundraising to find out why brain tumours happen, inspired by Lizzie’s journey


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Lizzie’s story

Unfortunately, on May 16th 2019 after a 3 week long migraine and several visits to the GP, I was admitted to Hull Royal Infirmary Neurological Ward after attending A and E with severe migraine symptoms which has lasted a month. Following a CT scan and emergency MRI it was detected that there was a ‘large sinister golf ball sized mass’ in the right frontal lobe of my brain. Within 4 days I had an emergency craniotomy on 20th May 2019 and recovered quickly from surgery and was home for tea on 23rd May 2019. I was lucky to recover from the operation quickly and be home with my family (my husband and my 3 boys) for tea 4 days after surgery. I will be undergoing a long road of treatment but I feel positive and I have the MOST incredible local community, medical teams and support network around me. I am VERY lucky in a very critical situation but we are going to win this one. I am not going anywhere. I am fighting all the way.

As a Local Primary School Teacher and previous Pastoral Manager, who has worked with numerous children and families, it was important share my story to raise awareness of this terrible disease but also I am aware that many more of us are facing life changing situations and diagnosis. It is hard when a life changing events/situations hit you like this. I have worked for several years supporting Mental Health and trained in Mental Health First Aid and as a counsellor. I have the tools to get through this and my journey will help others. Let’s fight for more funding so we can do more research and find answers. I have met many friends on my journey and I have a huge army behind me. We WILL make a difference. It’s about time the Game Changed.

Positivity comes naturally for me. It is my default coping mechanism but I know that this is not for everyone. If I can help others through this situation and give people hope and raise awareness and fundraising to find out why this happens then my job is done. We need to fight for more. This is affecting too many people and we need to find a way to make change.