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The Andrea Fiandaca Fund

The Andrea Fiandaca Supporter Group is raising funds and awareness for The Brain Tumour Charity in memory of Andrea.


funds raised so far

On 16th February 2011, Andrea Fiandaca passed away peacefully from a brain tumour. Although at the time we felt an overwhelming sadness (and still miss him dearly) this was mixed with a real sense of pride. We were proud in the fact that Andrea battled this illness for over seven years, defying all expectations. 90% of patients that were diagnosed as Andrea first was, lose their fight within the first two years. His doctor called him his own little miracle.

Proud that he did so without ever complaining or expecting anything other than love from those around him.

Proud to see what amazing friends he had. They say ‘A man is known by the company he keeps’ – well that is certainly true in Andrea’s case.

Proud of the business he built with his father, Alfie.

Proud that we got to attend his beautiful wedding to his lovely wife Emma, having beaten back the cancer the first time and provided us with such a fantastic memory of him.

And proud that he sired two such beautiful children, Chloe and Luca, who will represent a living legacy to Andrea.

It will make us even prouder if through growing this fund, Andrea’s death will help contribute to the battle to defeat this aggressive disease.

Donations to Andrea’s Fund can be made via… https://www.justgiving.com/AndreaFiandacaFund/