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Raising money for The Brain Tumour Charity inspired by Bhavna


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We are sorry to share with you the very sad news that Bhavna passed away very peacefully in her sleep on Friday 23 March 2017. Just as Bhavna always wanted, she was at home surrounded by love.

Welcome to my B-Hive Supporter Group page!

In September 2016 I will hit the 3 year milestone since I was diagnosed with a GBM grade 4, or glioblastoma multi forme to give it its full name. A rare tumour affecting 1 or 2 in 100,000 people. It was a devastating and unexpected diagnosis however my attitude from the day of diagnosis was ‘the tumour had picked the wrong person and to bring it on’. I was determined, positive and was going to do everything in my power to not let it win the battle and I was not going to be a statistic.

Since that day the love and support of my friends and family has been an amazing source of strength to me and gives me the determination to continue with my ‘bring it on’ mantra. Although there have been some bumps in the road, especially with Monty making an uninvited reappearance this February, I have continued to practise mindfulness, yoga and I still work weekly with a personal trainer (even whilst on chemo!). I also manage to fit in the odd holiday or two!!!

I have set up the B-Hive supporter page to highlight and promote fundraising events in support of The Brain Tumour Charity. The wonderful money raised will provide much needed funds to go into specific research for higher grade glioma, including genetic research and new treatments that may be possible as a result of this work for the future and to improve survival time. 80p in every £1 is spent on research, awareness and support to help achieve the Brain Tumour Charities goal of doubling survival rates and halving the harm that brain tumours have on the quality of life.

For me living with a grade 4 Glioma has been life changing and has had a huge impact on my loved ones. I hope that in time as much is known about brain tumours as other cancers and that it gets the funding it so desperately needed to enable faster diagnosis and more effective treatments. This is something very close to my heart and something which I have been campaigning for in Parliament. I was fortunate to be part of the first petition committee hearing evidence about funding for brain tumours. They recommend the Government take the underfunding of brain tumours more seriously with the aim to ensure that a cure can’t wait.

So far through the amazing generosity of friends, family and loved ones, we have made a real difference to funding going into this research. Thank you for being a part of that and for visiting my supporter page.

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