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The Danielle McGriskin Fund

Danielle is raising funds for The Brain Tumour Charity as she is living with a brain tumour and wants to help others affected in the future.

£149,426.84 funds raised so far

Danielle's story

My name is Danielle McGriskin and I live in Northern Ireland. I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and hydrocephalus (water on the brain), caused by my tumour in July 2011.

I've had many operations for my hydrocephalus since my diagnosis, too many I've lost count. I've also had a biopsy of my brain tumour in Bristol in June 2013, where I was referred to by Belfast. The biopsy results showed that I have an astrocystoma grade 2 brain tumour, which is located on top of my brain stem. Due to the symptoms my tumour gives me and the fact it is currently active, the team in Bristol decided that I should have 6 weeks of IMRT radiotherapy. The IMRT radiotherapy took place in Bristol over Christmas 2013. Since IMRT radiotherapy finished in January 2014, my brain tumour has shrunk by 3mm in total which my family, medics and I were delighted to discover.

Shortly after my diagnosis I was devastated to find out how little cancer research funding is currently being spent on brain tumours in the UK, yet brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40. I want to help change this, so I set up a Supporter Group with The Brain Tumour Charity called, The Danielle McGriskin Fund. The Danielle McGriskin Fund is the first Supporter Group to be set up in Northern Ireland, which I'm very proud of. In July 2014 I was selected by The Brain Tumour Charity to be one of their Young Ambassadors, and I look forward to all that's involved.

I began writing a blog of my journey living with Annie and Heidi (my brain tumour and hydrocephalus), just before I went to Bristol for the biopsy of my brain tumour. You can read my blog by searching this web address: