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The Jim Brewster Fund

Raising funds in memory of Jim

£3,925.70 funds raised so far

Jim's Story

Our lovely Jim died peacefully on Friday 7th March 2014, aged just 56 after battling so bravely with a grade four glioblastoma multiforme brain tumour. He was a much loved and devoted husband, dad, son, uncle and brother.

His illness was a short one. He survived only four months after diagnosis. However, his final weeks were spent at home with his family looking after him. Jim never liked hospitals and, thanks to the support of the local GP, nurses and carers, he was able to stay to the end at home in a room full of his beloved books.

Jim will be so greatly missed by everyone who loved and knew him. He was such a wonderful, selfless, intelligent, funny, gentle and kind man who brightened the lives of those he knew.

He was devoted to us, his wife and daughters, and made us laugh everyday supporting us through the good and bad times.

His second biggest love was modern art. Jim was hugely knowledgeable about 20th century painters - studying their lives, their drawings and their methods with passion and delight. Jim was never happier than when he was sat, charcoal in hand, making marks on quality paper. The brain tumour destroyed his ability to do that which was extremely devasting for him and us. Jim went to art college but made his living as an editorial designer for both national magazines and newspapers winning awards for the supplements he designed for the Daily Telegraph on 9/11 and the Iraq war.

Every penny raised through this fund will be used specifically to help The Brain Tumour Charity undertake further research into high grade tumours, like the one Jim had, to enable different and better treatments to be discovered and eventually find a cure for this devastating illness.