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The Selina Keshav Fund

Raising funds for The Brain Tumour Charity in Selina’s memory.


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Selina’s story

Selina was only 7 years old when she was diagnosed with a secreting supra stellar Germ Cell tumour. Unfortunately it was diagnosed late and needed immediate and risky surgery. Her tremendous strength and courage allowed her to defy the odds. As a result of the intensive treatment she suffered from a panhypopituritarism and had developed severe metabolic syndrome with type II diabetes mellitus and hypertriglyceridemia. This left her with severe learning difficulties and left hemiparesis, reduced mobility and wheelchair bound.

She was given an uncertain prognosis and taken home by her family who harnessed hope and love to keep her motivated, with all the will to fight on. Growing up with constant obstacles and challenges she became the embodiment of hope, love and courage, passing her strength to her family and friends all around her. Despite dealing with the challenges of her illness, Selina managed to achieve so much in her life. Learning how to live independently, adapting to challenges and educating others to help them deal with their own obstacles in live.

“In memory of Selina with the help of our family and friends we are now committed to raising funds for critically needed research into brain tumours, in the hope that one day a cure might be found.”

She spread her magic dust through her love of crafts, drawings and paintings. Selina always thought about others and cared for everyone around her, spreading her kindness along the way. She never complained but instead gave joy and happiness to everyone, with her unique sense of humour and positive perspective of life. She inspired us all to live, love and be happy!

She lived a fulfilling 19 years, beating all the odds and fighting back the illness with all her strength. Times were never easy and she often drifted towards the dreaded line. Every time she battled on, she bravely fought back to her happy joyful self. Unfortunately in the last few years her immune system had weakened and in the early part of this year she caught a virus which lead to pneumonia, this time she sadly couldn’t recover from it. At the age of 26, she passed away peacefully with her family close beside her.

Selina always said “the more you do it, the better you get used to it”. It is a mantra we carry in our minds all the time as we get used to our new way of life, guided by her spirit inside us. Remembering her beautiful laugh, pure smile and resolute nature, she lives on in our hearts.

Her parents Rekha, Kishor and sister Raynee are so proud of her and know that wherever she is, she will be protecting us and others with her kindness and open heart. We love you Selina.