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The Simon Ellison Fund

Raising funds and awareness for The Brain Tumour Charity in memory of Simon.

£7,731.55 funds raised so far

Simon's story

Simon was 39 when he died in July. Having no previous symptoms on the 15th July 2014 he was rushed into hospital whilst on holiday with his family in Spain due to what we thought at the time was food poisoning, as he had been very sick and suffering from severe headaches from the early hours of the morning. Later we found out Simon had suffered a brain haemorrhage that had bled into a brain tumour. We had no idea.

After fighting for a very long 13 days Simon devastatingly passed away in Elche Hospital on July 28th 2014. He was brought home and laid to rest in his hometown of Leicestershire.

We have set up this fund to not only honour his memory but to keep Simon's spirit alive. We hope to help raise awareness to the fact that this is happening and hopefully can be prevented in time with the right research. If Simon's fund can help one person or family going through what we went through it will be worth it!

This is for Simon we love you and miss you so much..

Your Family x