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The Susannah Lees Fund

Raising funds for The Brain Tumour Charity in memory of Susannah.

£21,734.21 funds raised so far

Susannah's story

We only found the Charity after Susannah died, but she had been a participant in an important research project, set up by Dr. Jeremy Rees at the National Hospital for Neurological Diseases, London, funded by The Charity.

Susannah started experiencing seizures when she was 23, and was diagnosed in 1994 with a right frontal lobe brain tumour – a low grade glioma. Although her condition impacted so many areas of her life, she made light of it, through to her sudden death in 2006

Susannah had an open and joyous personality that embraced all people and all experiences. An independent spirit, Susannah searched for answers to questions large and small. A loving soul, she was passionate about those marginalized by society. She lived boldly and took on amazing challenges, even after her diagnosis. She studied Business Studies in France and England; she travelled widely, including South America and the Galapagos islands; and she was always looking for the “next big thing”. Naturally artistic, and keen to forge her own path, she undertook many different ventures: hand painting glassware, trying to launch a newspaper, managing properties. She worked in TV for several years, before leaving to study law: both of which played key roles in her decision to design and develop the board game Media Mogul, which she launched at the Groucho Club, London in 2005.

Her memory flourishes in all those who had the privilege to know and love her.