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Dominic’s story

An amazing little boy

Dominic was 4 months old when Great Ormond Street saw something on a MRI scan, he was given another MRI where Doctors could see he had a tumour. Dom went in for surgery on 15 Febuary 2010, although the surgeon could not remove his tumour they took a small part for biopsy. Four days later a Doctor walk into his room to tell us Dom had a Glioblastoma, the Doctor told us that he would need to go on chemotherapy to try treat the tumour. The Doctor also said that they could try surgery again, as chemotherapy will not work on its own.

Dominic started chemo he had 2 cycles then the surgeon operated again and this time it was successful and managed to remove Dom’s tumour. Dominic then went back on chemo and had eight cycles in all which he finished in February 2012. Dominic was an amazing little boy throughout it all and his development was on time with everything in line with any other child. Dominic will be five soon and starting full time school he does everything a little boy would do and is growing so fast.

Dom has a scan every six months at the moment and so far the tumour has not returned. Dom has a slight right side field defect and high grade hearing loss but this does not stop him doing anything. He does not like wearing his hearing aids so that is a daily battle with him. What has got me through was both my children, Dom getting up most mornings through it with a lovely smile, my family and the medical team . I always ask questions and kept talking to family and medical team.