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Lucy’s story

Lucy, 30, was diagnosed with a haemangioblastoma in 2015. She had severe post-surgical complications, a recurrence of the tumour and then a stroke as she underwent ten operations. She had to rely on her partner, Gary, to do basic tasks such as preparing her meals.

After my second brain tumour, I couldn’t work, I couldn’t drive and I wasn’t even able go for a walk on my own. I had to have someone with me all of the time in case I had a seizure. When I was really poorly, Gary had to help me with everything including things like brushing my teeth and washing. I couldn’t make food myself as all my meals had to be pureed too.

I couldn’t have got through it without him. However, I do think that the experience made us stronger. It was his support which got me through it all – it was the only way that I managed going through such a difficult time in my life and also Gary’s life.

If you are in the right relationship when you are diagnosed or going through treatment and recovery then you should get the right support. But, maybe not everyone will. The new couples counselling service from The Brain Tumour Charity and Relate could help to give people hope that they can get through this together. 

I wish that somebody who had been through a similar situation could have been there to tell me that we would get through it and that it would get easier – I would have been able to believe them. People who hadn’t been through it would tell me all of the time but I would shrug it off. To have people who know what it’s like could have made so much difference.

Relationship Support Service

Whether you’re currently in a relationship, or hoping to start a new one, our partnership with Relate can help you get the most out of your relationships.