Make it

Design your own bandana and #WearItOut this Brain Tumour Awareness Month. Your free Bandana Fundraising Pack will contain a stencil, ready for you to get creative!

Be inspired!

Here are just a few ideas to get you started. When your design is complete, #WearItOut with friends. Why not plan a bandana fundraising event and show off your creation during Brain Tumour Awareness Month? You could hold a bandana fashion show, charge a fee per entrant and have a prize for the best decorated bandana!

Click on the photos below for bandana decorating inspiration!

You can download a free, printable version of these bandana decorating ideas from our fundraising resources area.

Get pupils, work colleagues or community group members involved and hold a crafty day of bandana DIY. Add tea and cakes and you have a recipe for a fun filled, creative lesson or activity! Rally the troops, create your own masterpieces and plan a fundraising event such as a pirate party or bandana bake sale where you can model your creations!

Get social

When you have created your bandana masterpiece don't forget to snap a selfie and share it on social media using the hashtag #WearItOut!

Bandana fundraising ideas

From bake sales to pirate parties, we have lots of fundraising ideas to inspire you!


Check out our free downloadable resources to help you with your bandana fundraising.

Wear It Out

Get involved this Brain Tumour Awareness Month and #WearItOut to defeat brain tumours.