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The Brain Tumour Charity has a large and supportive online community within closed Facebook Groups. Our Groups provide a safe online space where people who have been affected by brain tumours, can connect with each other, share experiences, find and give support and feel less isolated.

Whether you're living with a brain tumour or are caring for or supporting a loved one you are welcome to become a member of our Facebook groups. Our members are welcoming, hugely supportive of each another and hold a wealth of experience and information that they are happy to share in the hope that they will make someone else's journey a little less overwhelming.

I was greeted with a group of people who just got it. I could vent when I was angry, share when I was sad and tearful, and this group was always there. It didn't seem to matter what time of day or night, there was almost always someone online happy to chat.

Cara, whose mother was diagnosed with a brain tumour

Our lively and friendly community has thousands of members and, whilst mostly from the UK, our members can come from anywhere in the world meaning that if, for example, you have a rare tumour, the likelihood of finding someone with a similar tumour or experience is increased. It also means that you can share your treatment experiences with others being treated in different places and perhaps explore different options available. You can also access the group whenever you want and are very likely to find someone else on there at 2am who is also unable to sleep!

We currently have three Facebook Groups, one for anyone affected by a brain tumour diagnosis, another for parents who have a child under 18 living with a brain tumour and one for carers too, as we recognise the unique challenges that they also face.

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The groups are moderated by members of our Support and Information Team and have a code of conduct for your protection. Nothing you post in the groups is shared on your personal profile or timeline, though the fact you are a member of the group is visible to other people.

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