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Brain tumours and vision

Explore our range of information about brain tumours and vision, which we're always looking to improve and add to when possible.

Our information is mostly written for those affected by a brain tumour and can be useful when signposting resources for your patients.

Changes in vision as a symptom of a brain tumour in children

Find out when abnormal eye movements could be a brain tumour symptom in children.

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Changes in vision as a symptom of a brain tumour in adults

Brain tumour symptoms can include changes to vision such as blurred or double vision.

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Diagnosing brain tumours with eye tests

Information about eye tests for patients who are experiencing changes to their vision.

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Sight problems as a side-effect of brain tumours

Around 1 in 3 of patients with a brain tumour report a problem with their vision as a result of the tumour or its treatments.

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Coping with sight problems

Tips to help someone cope with sight problems caused by a brain tumour, including support and maintaining your independence.

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Supporting children with sight problems

Tips for supporting children who experience changes in vision because of a brain tumour or its treatment

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