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Category: Young adults

  • Abbie Barons smiling despite an epilepsy scan revealing a brain tumour

    Young girl’s epilepsy scan found a rare brain tumour

    Abbie, a young girl from Nottingham was diagnosed with a rare pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma brain tumour during a routine MRI scan for epilepsy.

  • bbc radio 2 logo for children in need

    Our Young Ambassadors take over BBC Radio 2! 

    On Friday 18th November, The Brain Tumour Charity’s Young Ambassadors turned DJs for an hour as they took over BBC Radio 2 as part of the BBC Children in Need Radio 2 takeover day, hosted by Scott Mills.

  • Love is in the air for our Young Adults community

    Some of our Young Adults Service community explore how to give Cupid a helping hand this Valentine’s Day.

  • How to apply for your free bus pass

    Matt, who’s part of our Young Adult community, explains how a free bus pass is the key to his independence.

  • Coping at Christmas

    A brain tumour diagnosis can make it harder to enjoy yourself, even during the holiday season.

  • Emma M’s story

    Emma describes how the Young Adults Service helped her cope with her brain tumour diagnosis and why she decided to join our Young Ambassadors programme.

  • Grace studying

    Top exam tips

    Most people find exams stressful and it’s safe to say that living with a brain tumour doesn’t make them any easier! Kaleb Ells, a member of our young adults community, has shared some of his top tips for getting through exam season.

  • Revising for and sitting exams when living with a brain tumour

    Exams are challenging at the best of times. But if you’re living with a brain tumour, you’re also likely to be struggling with fatigue, concentration or memory problems, making them even more difficult.

  • Four casually-dressed young adults stand together, smiling at the camera, at one of The Brain Tumour Charity's Young Adult Meet Ups.

    My first Young Adults Meet Up

    Chelsea, one of our Young Ambassadors, recently came along to our Birmingham meet up for young adults at Meeple Mayhem board games café. Here she shares her experience of the day.

  • My benefits experience

    A guest blog from Jason about his struggle to get the benefits he is entitled to after being diagnosed with an Astrocytoma brain tumour.

  • Outpatient appointments – what to bring and how to prepare

    A guest blog from 17 year old Kaleb about what to bring and how to prepare for a day care medical appointment.

  • Raising issues at the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Tumours

    Grace Latter writes about the Young Ambassadors raising issues at Parliament on Tuesday

  • All you need is love…and maybe a bit of inspiration

    Date night ideas whether you’re suffering with brain tumour-related fatigue, a lack of money, or just a plain lack of ideas.

  • Helping love blossom

    When one person is diagnosed with a brain tumour, maintaining a relationship can be difficult.

  • The Big Meet – Just do it!

    I’d been to a family fun day but I didn’t meet many people my own age, so I was looking forward to talking to other teenagers who’d had similar experiences.

  • Grace’s vlog: documenting life with a brain tumour

    Grace, 23, recently filmed her first video blog for us where she asked our community for any questions about diagnosis, symptoms and effects and life after surgery. Her honest and heartfelt answers are now documented in a video diary.

  • Life in the Lab – Amie’s research experience

    Earlier this summer year twelve students Amie, Aaron and Jemima spent some time learning about brain tumour research with Dr David Michod. Amie wrote about her experience: