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Tessa Jowell calls for global collaboration at UK government meeting

Every family affected by a brain tumour was promised "action not words" today at a landmark meeting in the battle to defeat brain tumours

Every family affected by a brain tumour was promised "action not words" today at a landmark meeting in the battle to defeat brain tumours

The meeting chaired by Health Minister Lord O'Shaughnessy, who oversees government life sciences policy, and Dr Ronald DePinho, director of the Eliminate Cancer Initiative.

Inspired by Baroness Tessa Jowell, who has spoken about the need for change following her own glioblastoma diagnosis, some of the world's leading brain tumour researchers sat alongside government ministers, policy makers and campaigners to discuss the next steps towards a cure.

We were proud to play a key role, with our CEO Sarah Lindsell speaking about the need to improve the way patients are treated and cared for within the NHS and our Chief Scientific Officer Dr David Jenkinson highlighting our plans to fund a new adaptive clinical trial offering patients more flexibility in trying new treatments.

Tessa Jowell echoed many speakers at the meeting when she said progress could come only through collaboration: “We are going to do this together. We are going to do this around the world. We are going to learn more every day," she said.

There was agreement on the need to share data in order to improve understanding, the importance of our work around early diagnosis and the desire for patients to access more innovative treatments.

We will help to lead the next steps following the meeting, working closely with others around the table to ensure its recommendations are put into place quickly and effectively.

Sarah Lindsell, our CEO said: “Today has seen a landmark gathering of brain tumour experts in London, brought together to help Baroness Tessa Jowell fulfil her pledge to help all those affected by the disease.

“We were proud to be at the heart of the discussion and to ensure your voices were heard, on a day when the government also committed to improving funding and services for those diagnosed with a brain tumour.

“We will now be drawing up an action plan with the government to ensure that progress is made quickly and in the areas that matter most to you.

“Thank you to each and every one of you for helping us reach this historic stage.

"With your help, we will continue to campaign tirelessly to improve the lives of everyone affected."

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