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Changes to treatment – Daniel’s story

Daniel shares his story of his brain tumour diagnosis and how his treatment and care has been affected by the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Brain tumour symptoms and diagnosis

My symptoms started at a time when I was working really hard. I was starting to get difficulties and some really strong headaches that stopped my ability to take part in meetings. I would also have to sometimes stop off to lean into the wall on my way home from work just to keep myself upright as I was suffering from shooting pains in my head. I first went to my GP in February 2012.

Treatment and support

After the operation, I received radiotherapy and chemotherapy at UCLH and currently I’m being treated at Southend Hospital. I’ve been very impressed by the clinical teams that have helped me and continue to treat me today. The treatment has been tough but it’s an ongoing battle that I’m willing to fight.

Coronavirus: before and after

There have been many difficulties in getting blood tests done in the middle of hospital (as per before the coronavirus lockdown), and I’ve recently been moved to a separate facility (private, actually) for blood tests.

Coping with change

I know it is difficult to go through dramatic changes, but I try to hold myself together both mentally and physically. I try to remain positive and encourage others going through such difficult times. Now, usually I would not let everyone know, but I have turned my home into a place where I can dance instead of my stroll to the seaside that I cannot do right now!

Staying strong

Stay strong and stay positive. Make the most of life and consider that all others in the world are now understanding some of the life restrictions and everyday difficulties that we as brain tumour patients have faced.

Everyone, stick together and stay strong!

About the author

Daniel Knight is a VP at JP Morgan. He was diagnosed with a glioblastoma in 2012 and is currently being treated at Southend Hospital.

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