New glioblastoma and anaplastic astrocytoma book

Thursday 9 November 2017

Gideon Burrows has written his second book with personal stories, experiences, statistics and information, helped by a huge amount of people directly affected

Glioblastoma, A guide for patients and loved ones is available now. Gideon's honest, incisive and heartfelt writing skill, born out of his own brain tumour experience, have been vital to us over the past few years.

We know how invaluable this book will be to our community, as indeed his first; Living Low Grade, continues to be.

“First things first. Your brain tumour is not your fault,” he writes.

“In the fog of grief, we're bound to question who is to blame, even if we conclude it is ourselves, so we can create a target for our pain.”

Gideon explains one of the driving forces behind the book: “There was another type of response that I received from many dozens of correspondents. These were people who hadn't had experience of a low grade glioma brain tumour.

“Theirs was a high grade brain tumour. One that was more immediately life threatening; one that demanded more urgent action than low grade brain tumours typically do.

“They were crying out for a book that they could use to inform themselves, and to help their families understand.

“They wanted the hard information and useful stories that Brain Tumours: Living Low Grade had provided for low grade patients.

“Despite high grade brain tumours like glioblastomas and anaplastic astrocytomas being far more common in adults than low grade gliomas, no overarching information source was doing the job.

“Something was wanted and needed to put adult patients in the know; and in charge of their own brain tumour journey.”

We are inspired by how Gideon, his family, and all those who shared their stories, continue to support the work we do.

Buy the book here

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