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Running gear to get set for the London Marathon!

Are you running the London Marathon, a different marathon, or running for fun? Whatever the case, our charity running gear will make sure you look great, stay comfy, and help out a fantastic cause!

collection of running gear for the London marathon

You want to run faster. We want to find a cure faster. And, we have an idea that could help with both of those things. It’s our charity branded running gear!

Yes, we have some active wear on our site that can help you chase those fitness goals (and look great while doing it, if we do say so ourselves). But, as well as being great running gear, its proceeds go towards accelerating a cure for brain tumours. So, it helps you athletically AND helps people affected by brain tumours. That deserves a big high five!

Ready to take a look? Great, let’s do it.

This running gear does loads of good

The Brain Tumour Charity running vest - part of our running gear collection

Running vest

This specially-designed running vest is made of comfortable, breathable fabric, making it great for marathons. Plus, with its bright colours and bold The Brain Tumour Charity logo, your supporters will be able to pick you out of the crowd to cheer you on.

If you are selected to run for The Charity we’ll send you one of these for free!

The Brain Tumour Charity running technical t-shirt, a great piece of running gear

Running technical t-shirt

If you like a little more arm coverage when you’re on the road, our running technical t-shirt is right up your street. This t-shirt is made of the same light, breathable fabric as our vests, making it a comfortable piece of running gear. And, again no one will be missing you as you dash past.

The Brain Tumour Charity branded beanie in red

Beanie hat

If it’s a cool morning, waiting for the start of the marathon can get chilly. But, not for you. That’s because you’ll have your beanie to keep you cosy. And, with some bold branding, you’ll be raising awareness even as you do your pre-race warm-ups.

The Brain Tumour Charity hoodie in red on a white background

The Brain Tumour Charity hoodie

Speaking of keeping warm, this classic pocket hoodie is a great way to do it. Made of a blend of cotton and polyester and fleece-lined, it’ll help keep you warm before the marathon, and it great to throw on once you cross the finish line. And, if you use it as running gear, everyone you pass will read the phrase, ‘I’m helping to find a cure faster’ on the back.

Silicone wristband

If you want something super light and easy to wear that will still show your support, our wristbands are a great idea. These are made from soft silicone, making them super comfortable to wear. And, they’re great for advocating our awareness campaign – Better Safe Than Tumour!

Red snood neck gaiter - a helpful piece of running gear

12-in-1 snood

Snoods are fantastically versatile pieces of clothing that might just be runners’ new best friends. You can wear this snood in 12 different ways, using it as a headband, neck gaiter, armband, and much more, making it a handy piece of running gear. For all 12 ways to wear it, check out this handy graphic on how to wear a snood.     

Clear sports bottle with The Brain Tumour Charity logo on it

Sports bottle

What are you going to need once you cross the finish line (other than a place to sit down and rest those feet)? Hydration! And, this The Brain Tumour Charity sports bottle is a great way to get it. Fill it with sports drink, water, or diluted juice to replace those lost fluids.

Folding sports bottle

If you don’t want to carry around your bottle once you’ve finished your drink, you’ll love this folding bottle. Yes, you read right. When you’re finished, just roll up this bottle and stick it in your pocket. It’s lightweight, durable, and so handy!

Find more in our charity shop

If you’re curious as to what else we have that might get you across that finish line, and help find a cure for brain tumours faster, check out our online shop.

There you’ll find athletic gear, bottles, bags, and much more!