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Celebrating You 2020: a judge’s blog

Grace Latter, last year’s Influencer of the Year winner, sat on our recent Celebrating You 2020 judging panel.

“It’s not every day you get to sit around a table, in a meeting room, in central London, discussing some utterly amazing humans… with other utterly amazing humans. Well, that’s what I got to do, on Tuesday.

I was thrilled and honoured when I was asked to be part of the judging panel for The Brain Tumour Charity’s second Celebrating You Awards ceremony, which will be taking place in May 2020.

I myself won ‘Influencer of the Year’ at the very first Awards last year, and I remember feeling so excited and humbled to even be invited to the grand event, let alone to be able to walk onstage and accept this marvellous title!

I cannot wait to experience that fabulousness all over again this year, but from a slightly different perspective; as someone who helped in the very tough task of identifying the shortlist and winner of each award.

And it was so tough, sitting there looking through all these amazing nominations and having to whittle the lists down to a top three, and then one winner. I feel like all my fellow judges really struggled, too; we went back and forth a few times when we were voting for this amazing person, or that amazing person, before coming to a decision unanimously.

The Brain Tumour Charity has some truly wonderful supporters, who will truly go above and beyond to help raise money and awareness for research into one of the biggest cancer killers, and most misdiagnosed illnesses, out there today.

Thank you so much, my charity peeps – especially Claire, Graham and Natalie, who worked their way through the original list of nominees (apparently there were over 300 in total!!) and put together the lovely judging panel meeting.

The truth is, every nominee deserves to win.”



Photo © Erin Veness