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Celebrate spring with this new homeware!

Whether you’re looking for a great gift to show someone how special they are, or want a way to spruce up your home after spring cleaning, our range of homeware will put the spring in your step!

Spring homeware banner featuring a bee cookie jar, starfish wax melt burner, and heart shaped vase

The evenings are getting lighter and the darling buds are getting ready for May. Yes, we all feel it – spring is just around the corner. And, to help get you extra excited, we’ve just added some brilliant new homeware to our shop!

We’ve gone out and found some fantastic homeware that feels springier than the mattresses in a coastal B&B. They’re accented with things like bees, seashells, and the general freshness that floats in the air as it gets warmer.

But, enough of us waxing poetic, you want to see it for yourself. So, scroll on down!

Our new spring homeware

Bee Happy Ceramic Storage Jar

How could you not be happy lifting the little bee handle and reaching in for a treat? We recommend biscuits, but you could keep anything that takes your fancy in this cheerful piece of homeware.

Bee Happy Storage Jar on a table with some biscuits in front of it

Starfish Wax Melt Burner Gift Set

If you want to create the fresh feeling of the seaside at home, this wax melt burner is the way to go. It looks the part with its starfish graphic, and it comes with a sea salt and sage scented wax melt. It’s excellent for anyone who loves the coast.

Starfish wax melt burner on white - part of our range of spring/summer homeware

Heart-Shaped Vase

If you want to bring a little more love into the home, this heart-shaped vase is a great idea. It’s shaped like a love heart and has a little heart decal on it.

It’s great for using to give flowers as a gift, or for bringing good vibes to your own home.

A heart shaped vase with little heart decal

Love Cut-Out Oil Burner in White

Who doesn’t love a piece of homeware that looks great AND helps the home smell great. That’s what this Love oil burner has going for it.

Light a tea light and it’ll grow through the ‘love’ cut-out and warm up the oil tray, which you can fill with your favourite aromatherapy oils.

A LOVE oil burner on a table with a candle in the background

You Are The Bees Knees Ceramic Plant Pot

If you know a plant parent who’s absolutely awesome, and you’re looking for the perfect gift, this should have you buzzing! This plant pot is made from ceramic, has a graphic that’s as sweet as honey, and stands about 13 cm tall.

Plant pot with a bee decal that reads, "You are the Bees Knees"

HOME Tea Light Holders

Want a piece of homeware that’ll fill the home with warmth and light? Literally? Then this set of 4 tea light holders is just what you need.

They’re made of ceramic and punched with letters to spell out HOME, making them a lovely gift or self-treat to bring an extra touch of warmth to your décor.

Set of four tea light holders that spell out HOME through punched letters - a lovely piece of homeware

Silver Heart Tea Light Holder

Spread the love with this adorable tea light holder. With its heart-shaped design and silver finish, it looks fantastic. And, with a lit tea light, it’ll create some lovely ambiance on those spring evenings.

A silver coloured heart-shaped tea light holder sits on a wooden table

Star Peg Photo Frame – 40 cm

This photo frame is excellent for putting some amazing memories or inspirational quotes on display. The pegs attach to the twine stretching across the frame, letting you pin up your favourite photos or sayings that’ll help you take on the day.

A wooden photo frame with star shaped pegs to hold up photos - lovely homeware to give as a gift or to add to your own home

Bee Butter Dish

How can you make a sunny spring breakfast any better? With butter… served in this adorable Bee Butter Dish! It’s made of New Bone China and has a 3D bee as the handle of the lid.

A ceramic butter dish with a bee as the handle on the lid

Beach Hut Ceramic Money Box

This ceramic money box is made to look like a beach hut, all the way down to the bunting, surfboard, and ‘Gone Surfing’ sign on the door.

It’s perfect for saving up for that next beach holiday. Give it as a gift or use it for your own holiday fund!

A ceramic money box shaped like a beach hut

Beeswax Hive Shaped Candle

This candle isn’t just shaped like a beehive to create a buzz. It’s actually made from beeswax, which is a great alternative to traditional candles. It’s non-toxic, soot-free, and has a burn time of around 20 hours! Add to that the subtle scent of natural honey and you’ve got a great gift on your hands.

A beeswax candle shaped like a beehive complete with a bee crawling on it

Seashell Ceramic Flower Jug

Create that coastal feeling no matter where you are. This flower jug is covered with illustrations of shells and starfish in a blue and white colour scheme that screams seaside.

As the name suggests, this jug is meant to be used as a vase for flowers, making this piece of homeware a fun alternative to traditional glass vases.

A ceramic jug with seashells and starfish graphics on it, intended to be used to hold flowers. It's a great piece of homeware for anyone who loves the beach

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