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Charity Christmas Cards 2023

We take a look at 10 fantastic The Brain Tumour Charity Christmas cards, new for 2023. They range from traditional to fun, and each one helps the work we do!

Charity Christmas cards 2023

The weather is brisk and the evenings are longer than the running time of Gone with the Wind. So that means the season of giving is upon us. Time to see what charity Christmas cards 2023 has to offer!  

Good thing we’ve brought in some lovely new The Brain Tumour Charity Christmas cards especially for this year.

And, with 100% of the profits going to the work we do, you’ll have the fuzzy feeling of knowing that the good cheer you’re sending out is also helping accelerate cures and helping people affected by brain tumours live longer, better lives.

Ready to take a look? Great! Let’s get the snowball rolling…

We’ve got two types of cards that you can send out this Christmas:

Charity Christmas cards 2023

Special Delivery Service Charity Christmas Cards showing Santa walking down a snowy street with a postbox in the foreground showing the logo for The Brain Tumour Charity

Special Delivery Service Charity Christmas Cards (10 pack)

This is The Brain Tumour Charity’s first ever branded Christmas card. It has our logo on the postbox with Father Christmas pulling presents on a sleigh down a snowy street.

You get 10 cards in the pack, all with a gloss finish. And, the greeting on the inside reads, “Merry Christmas”.

Robin and Holly Charity Christmas Cards (10 pack)

Can you get more Christmassy than a robin on a branch of holly? This traditional Christmas card is great for sparking the spirit of the season.

Just like all our cards, you get 10 cards in the pack. And, the message inside says, “Season’s Greetings”.

Christmas card with a robin sitting on a holly bush
Charity Christmas cards featuring a wooly sheep wearing a red nose and antlers

Woolly Christmas Charity Christmas Cards (10 pack)

We’ve heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but a sheep in reindeer’s…? It would be odd if it wasn’t so darn adorable!

This seasonal sheep Christmas card is blank inside, so you can really go to town with your message.

Sacred Dove Charity Christmas Cards (10 pack)

The message of peace is always a big part of Christmas. And, the sacred dove on this Christmas card is an excellent way to express it.

This card is also blank inside, so you can really let those words soar.

a dove holding an olive branch appears on these charity Christmas cards
A family of snowpeople appear on this Christmas card, holding a string of lights to place on their Christmas tree

Let it Snow Charity Christmas Cards (10 pack)

The weather outside might be frightful. But, if the fire’s delightful and you’ve got no place to go… let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

This cute Christmas card has a family of snowpeople decorating the tree on the cover, and the inside message says, “Season’s Greetings”.

Snowy Forest Friends Charity Christmas Cards (10 pack)

Who would’ve thought that a winter forest scene can make your feel warm and fuzzy inside? But, this illustration of a snowman sharing gifts with fluffy animals sure manages it!

This card has silver foil in the image, and the message inside is, “Happy Christmas”.

Snowy Forest Friends Charity Christmas Cards featuring a snowman, a fox, a badger, a rabbit, and a robin
This card features a red car with a decorated Christmas tree on the roof

Christmas on the Road Charity Christmas Cards (10 pack)

Sending out cards means you’re ready to get Christmas on the road, right? Well, you’ve got that in common with the car on this card.

This card has a little red car loaded with a decorated Christmas tree and loads of presents. The inside greeting reads, “Happy Christmas”.

So Many Chimneys, So Little Time Charity Christmas Cards (10 pack)

This Christmas card has Santa and a reindeer on a roof in pretty town. With all those chimneys, he definitely has his work cut out for him… but he does do a year’s worth of work in one night. Not bad.

This glossy card is inlaid with gold foil to make it all the more festive. And, inside it’s printed with the greeting, “Happy Christmas”.

Charity Christmas cards featuring a busy town with Santa and a reindeer on the roof of one of the houses
An illustration of a house that has been decorated for Christmas

Decorated for Christmas Charity Christmas Card (10 pack)

The festive season really kicks off when the decorations go up. Excitement levels go up too… as the mince pies go down well!

This card has a beautifully decorated house that’s drawn the attention of the neighborhood dogs. It has gold foil inlay and reads, “With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year” inside.

Tree Elf Charity Christmas Card (10 pack)

Ordinarily we wouldn’t say a tree is prime juggling attire. But, the elf on this Christmas card? Pulling. It. Off.

Yep, this adorable elf is popping out of a Christmas tree while juggling presents, spurred on by a penguin and a robin. Inside the card the message is, “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

An elf wearing a Christmas tree juggles presents

Charity money wallets

Haven’t heard of money wallets? They’re like Christmas cards but are perfectly sized for sending cash or cheques at Christmas time.

Take a look at the fun, festive money wallets we’ve got in our shop.

A family of snowpeople exchanges presents on the cover of this money wallet

Snowman Family Christmas Money Wallet

This money wallet has a heart-warming illustration of a family of snowpeople exchanging presents at Christmas.

Christmas Fir Trees Money Wallet

This money wallet has a trio of Christmas trees, beautifully illustrated above some tasteful text reading, “Merry Christmas”.

A money wallet featuring three Christmas fir trees
Rudolph drives a van with the other reindeer as passengers, towing Santa in his sleigh

Rudolph to the Rescue Christmas Money Wallet

After a big meal, it’s hard enough to get up and walk to the sofa, let alone fly around the world. We get it. So, we’re completely on board with Rudolph changing the game and renting a van to pull Santa’s sleigh.

Find more Christmas cards in our shop

So, there you have it. A flurry of festive Christmas cards and money wallets. But, that’s not all we have,

If you’d like to see all of our Christmas cards and some brilliant, gift wrap, just click the button below and we’ll whisk you over to our shop as fast as Santa sliding down a chimney!