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Christmas activities to do at home

If you or a loved one has a brain tumour diagnosis, the spirit of the season might be more important than ever. Here are some ideas for getting festive with family and friends.

red bauble hanging on a Christmas tree - banner for Christmas activities to do at home blog

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. A time of hope, peace and togetherness. And, for those affected by a brain tumour, it can be an opportunity to harness the spirit of the season and spend some precious time with family and friends. And, to help with that, we have some ideas for Christmas activities to do at home.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting out in the fresh, frosty air. But, when the evening sets in and you start to cosy up inside, these Christmas activities could be just what you need to stoke those festive feelings!

Here are some cracking Christmas activities to do at home. They might not all be right for you, but have a go at any that take your fancy.

17 Christmas activities to do at home

1. Count down to the big day

Get an advent calendar or countdown calendar that you can use every day in the build-up to Christmas. It might not take long to do each day, but it’s really great for building up the excitement as it gets closer and closer to the big day.

wooden car Christmas countdown calendar on a wooden shelf. Counting down to Christmas is one of the Christmas activities to do at home

2. Decorate the house

Putting up Christmas decorations can be a fun group activity. Get some Christmas songs playing, break out the mince pies, and start building that Christmas spirit with the warm glow of fairy lights.

If you’re after a new decoration set for the tree this year, take a look at these silver stud Christmas decorations

decorated Christmas tree standing next to a lit fireplace with a garland on the mantle

3. Make a real wreath

While you’re in decorating mode, you could get creative and make a real wreath for the front door. It’s possible to find wreath kits at some nurseries, or you could do some foraging and put it together using some wire and some helpful YouTube videos.

a natural Christmas wreath hanging on a wooden wall

4. Make a Christmas card display

If you’ve had lots of Christmas cards come in, you could find a creative way to display them to show them off. We’re particularly fond of hanging them up on festive twine using these festive Christmas card pegs!

wooden Christmas card pegs in their packaging

5. Play Christmas carol karaoke

At some point during the season, you’ve got to put on All I Want for Christmas Is You and try to hit the high note as you sing along. This works for other Christmas songs as well. Or, if you’re feeling like a challenge, you could try slipping some seasonal classics into Kazoo Karaoke and seeing if anyone can guess them!

kazoo karaoke in a tin

6. Video chat with family or friends who live far away

We mentioned that Christmas is a great time for connecting with family and friends. But, you don’t have to be in the same room to do it. Thanks to technology, you can have a video call with loved ones all over the world and feel like you’re together.

a laptop stands on a desk surrounded by Christmas decorations

7. Do something nice for someone

Christmas is the season of goodwill. And, you don’t need to go out to help out. From the comfort of your own home you could drop a message on someone’s social media, have a cake delivered to them, or even send a virtual gift right to their email inbox, just to let them know you’re thinking of them.

a woman smiles while looking at her iPad

8. Sit by the fire with a warm drink

Even if you don’t have an actual fireplace, the sentiment is still there. Pull up a virtual fireplace on YouTube, grab a blanket, and warm yourself with a delicious hot chocolate, spiced latte, or good ol’ cuppa.

If you have family or friends over, this is an excellent opportunity for a chat.

a hot chocolate with marshmallows sits on a wooden table with Christmas lights in the background

9. Do some baking

Baked goods are a Christmas staple. We’re talking gingerbread people, sugar biscuits, fruit cake, or anything else that takes your fancy.

And, if you’d like to kit yourself out, you could don our bake branded apron and oven glove!

a gingerbread person in a saucer of frothy milk. Baking is one of the Christmas activities to do at home

10. Build a puzzle

When you’re nice and cosy indoors it’s a great opportunity to get stuck into a puzzle. A nice warm cup of tea of coffee, maybe some rain outside, and a great puzzle on the dining room table or the lounge floor – that’s good times.

If you’re into travel or geography, you might like this world map circular puzzle.

jigsaw puzzle pieces

11. Play some games

Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas without some board games going on. You could get into the spirit with Christmas Bingo, or satisfy quiz fans with a pub quiz game. You could even play an escape room at home!

Christmas Bingo box cover

12. Put on a puppet show

If you’re not up to going out for a Christmas pantomime, you can always create your own puppet show at home!

In a bind, a sock puppet can always satisfy. But, we do have a range of super cute finger puppets that are ready to star in your production.

three finger puppets - a robin, a dinosaur, and a donkey - sit on three people's fingers

13. Watch Christmas movies

Christmas movies are great for getting you in the spirit. Grab your favourite spot on the sofa, snag some snacks, get cosy under a blanket, and press play. You can’t help but feel festive with all those feel-good films going on.

a bucket of popcorn rests on a woman's lap

14. Have a Christmas jumper fashion show

Have you added any jumpers to your collection? Organise a special jumper day where you and your loved ones can brandish them. You can even give a little prize to the person whose jumper is hardest on the eyes!

a close up of a knitted Christmas jumper

15. Have an indoor treasure hunt

This is especially great if there are little ones around (and we don’t mean elves). You can hide little stocking filler type gifts around the house and have them go hunting. You could even make a list (check it twice!) of possible gifts to find so nothing gets left behind. 

a small Christmas tree is placed in a box -  a prize like this can be used in a treasure hunt, which is among the Christmas activities you can do at home

16. Read some Christmas classics

You could do this alone if you’d like a break from all the festive buzz. Or, you could read out loud to a group. Either way, this is a great opportunity to delve into some classic Christmas tales, like Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

If you need to keep your place, try these super cute magnetic cat bookmarks or magnetic dog bookmarks.

magnetic dog bookmarks on a book

17. Bring out the Christmas Eve box

If the excitement is always too much to bear, you can let your family open a cheeky gift on Christmas Eve. In fact, since this is the case with lots of families across the country, Christmas Eve boxes are really taking off.

If you don’t have one yet, you can grab this Christmas Eve box, which you can personalise with a family name.

a wooden Christmas Eve box