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The headsouth team reach the South Pole!

On Sunday, Lewis Moody and the headsouth team finally reached the South Pole after 10 arduous days.

Led by polar explorer, Alan Chambers MBE, the 11-strong team trekked to the geographic South Pole, one of the most inhospitable environments on the planet to raise funds for The Lewis Moody Foundation.

The expedition has raised over £300,000 for The Foundation to help fund a pioneering new clinical trial to change outcomes for those with a brain tumour.

The team flew out from the Pole at 1pm (GMT) today.

Each team member pulled their own, specially-design Norwegian sleds that weighed 200kg with everything each person needed – tents, clothing and food – onboard. During the expedition, the temperature drop to -42c with frostbite and hyperthermia a constant risk.

Challenge leader and guide Alan Chambers said: “We were well prepared for the challenge and knowing that we did this to raise money to further crucial research in the fight against brain tumours is a source of considerable motivation and pride.”

Lewis said shortly before the start of the trek: “However hard the challenge – in this case the sheer bleakness and paralysing cold of the Antarctic – what really chills me to the bone is the equally bleak realisation that brain tumours remain THE biggest cancer killer of children and adults.

“This sobering fact has provided the motivation for our fundraising and driven the inner discipline required to face each of the challenges.

“These challenges have taken me to my physical limits but it seems a small price to pay when compared to the harsh and devastating reality for those living with a brain tumour.”

More to follow…