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To our 2024 Machu Picchu team – thank you!

Find out how our 2024 Machu Picchu team got on, and how their fundraising will improve the lives of everyone affected by brain tumours.

A photo of the team that hiked to Machu Picchu to raise funds for the Brain Tumour Charity smiling on a hilltop with misty hills in the background
The Machu Picchu team moving closer to a cure. Photo credit: Stuart Rees

Last month our team of 14 adventurers laced up their hiking boots and conquered the trek to Machu Picchu. Many of whom, taking part for friends and loved ones affected by brain tumours. 

In total our team of trekkers have raised a fantastic £42,000! This could fund over five months of world class research into brain tumours.

Machu Picchu surrounded by low level clouds in the mountains
Photo credit: Stuart Rees

Organised by Charity Challenge, the Trek to Machu Picchu follows the spectacular and uncrowded Anacascocha trail, surrounded by the snow-capped Andean mountains, raging rivers and remote mountain communities.

Machu Picchu is “One of the most rewarding trips I’ve ever been on. Peru is such a wonderful place and the people there are very welcoming. The trek, took us through some of the most beautiful landscapes. That coupled with some great people made it the experience of a lifetime.” – Jacob

“The many months of fundraising and planning were so worth the most incredible experience of a lifetime. I loved that we trekked a different path to Machu Picchu, and saw the most amazing views that I never thought I would. Sharing this experience with a brain tumour survivor and supporters was truly humbling. It was tough at times, but I wanted that challenge, it delivered everything and more.” – Pennie

A climber stands on a peak with Peruvian mountain range in background
The Machu Picchu team
A village in Peru
Photos by Stuart Rees

Hear from some of the Machu Picchu team

Stuart’s Story

Stuart signed up for Machu Picchu in memory of his Dad and after having taken part in the 2022 Snowdon by Night Trek.

“I lost my dad at 57 years old due to a Glioblastoma. Having read the horrific statistics, I knew I had to do something to help others battling this disease! 

The Ancascocha Trek stood out to me as a challenge that would push me outside of my comfort zone in a country that I have always wanted to visit.  To be able to do this whilst also raising money for the Brain Tumour Charity has been an absolute incredible experience, if you are thinking about doing it, do it!!”

Caroline’s Story

Caroline signed up for the Machu Picchu trek in memory of a very good friend, Andy, who was a much loved husband and Dad.

“Each individual treks for their own reasons with the common bond that tied us on arrival into Peru being forged into camaraderie and friendship as we covered the highs and lows of the Ancascocha trail. It’s both physically and emotionally demanding trekking through such otherworldly landscapes at altitudes that no amount of training can prepare you for – although I sent many a thankful prayer to my PT for pushing me to get stronger and fitter as I navigated those 3000 steps on the last day! 

The laughter, tears and experience shared with such an intrepid group of Brainy Bunch Challengers has left an indelible mark on my heart.”

Mandy’s Story

Mandy decided last minute to join the Machu Picchu challenge as she knew it was something she always wanted to do! And since being diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2019 she’s challenged herself – including taking on this challenge!

“For this challenge, there were no lows for me, it is all highs. The people that guided us were amazing, the views were stunning and the people doing the challenge with me for the Brain Tumour Charity were an absolute pleasure. It just couldn’t have been any better and I have certainly made lifelong memories.”

The Brain Tumour Charity Machu Picchu team
Rest spot for the Machu Picchu team
Team of hikers walk a mountain path
Photos by Stuart Rees

Top tips for hiking Machu Piccu from our team!

If you’re thinking about signing up for this challenge, Chloe, from our team has shared some top tips for preparing:

  1. Ponchos are a must!
  2. If you are able to, stay longer after the trek. It will give you time to recharge and explore after an action packed itinerary.
  3. Invest in your kit – a good backpack, sun cream and sturdy, comfortable (and waterproof) boots!
  4. Do as many mountainous walks as you can prior to going to prepare for the trek

Take part in a charity challenge!

If you’re inspired by the Machu Picchu team, you’ll be excited to hear that you can take part in your own charity trek. Click the button below to find a challenge that suits you!

Were there moments when I wondered what on earth I was doing? Of course!  Would I do it again?  Absolutely!