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Simon Kindleysides becomes the world’s first paralysed man to complete the London Marathon

Simon crossed the finishing line last night at 10.30pm after walking for over 36 hours the 26.2 miles of the London Marathon

Simon crossed the finishing line last night at 10.30pm after walking for over 36 hours the 26.2 miles of the London Marathon

He became the first paralysed man to complete the route and also the fastest man in the world to complete a full marathon in the revolutionary ReWalk exo-suit.

“There was no way I was ever going to give up,” Simon said. “It was so tough but I smashed it. Anything is possible.”

Visibly exhausted, Simon was greeted at the finishing line on The Mall, London, by family and friends with his support team behind him.

Over the last two days, since the start line, at every step of the way, we witnessed an outpouring of support for his incredible achievement from members of the public.

Simon’s marathon touched everyone, raising huge amounts of awareness of brain tumours and also inspiring others with his incredible resilience and determination.

Battling the intense heat of Saturday, the hottest London marathon conditions ever recorded gave way to a cooler nightime home straight to the finish.

“It’s been so gruelling,” Simon said at mile 19 in London’s financial district on Monday, “but I’ve had some amazing support from the public and now that some friends have joined me, we’re going to do this!”

Already an accomplished singer and guest judge on the new BBC1 show, All Together Now, father of three Simon, 33, from Blofield, set his eyes on his biggest challenges yet; to take on walking the route of the Virgin Money London Marathon wearing the revolutionary exo-suit.

The ReWalk is a wearable exoskeleton suit and Simon wore ReWalk™ Personal System 6.0, a more lightweight suit compared to previous models and was also tailored to Simon’s height and weight.

In April 2013, Simon’s life was turned upside down. The talented singer was hospitalised after losing feeling and movement from the waist down. After months in hospital and numerous tests later, he was diagnosed with a neurological brain condition and a brain tumour.

Simon said: “Up until that point life had been great, it has been hard to accept and deal with my life changing diagnosis. However, I continue to fight on, my wheelchair is now a part of me now like an expensive pair of shoes!

“I could stay in bed and feel sorry for myself, but why waste the life I’ve been given, I’m going to live mine to the fullest.”

As night descended along the Embankment on Monday Simon said at the 24 mile point: “Bring it on, I can’t wait to get to my finishing line. This is grueling but I’m gonna make it.”

Crossing the finishing Line on The Mall was an emotion-filled moment with supporters, family and even the royal Police joining in to celebrate a world first and a simply incredible achievement.

Huge respect Simon, you are an inspiration to everyone!

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