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You could be one of these charity raffle winners!

The Brain Tumour Charity’s Win Big Raffle ends on 22 March! Here we discuss how you could spend your winnings and we meet some past winners, learning more about their stories.

The Brain Tumour Charity's Win Big Raffle banner, featuring a past charity raffle winner and his family

Giving to a good cause always feels fantastic. But, if you have the chance to get something out as well, it’s a bonus. And, when talking about The Brain Tumour Charity’s Win Big Raffle, there’s an awful lot of bonus!

Yep, for only £1 per ticket, you could win up to £4000! That could mean a big holiday, doing up your house, or spoiling the ones you love. What would you do?

To help you decide, we’ve asked some of our past winners about what our charity raffle means to them and what they planned to do with their winnings.

Meet some of our past charity raffle winners

Alan Stealey and his wife sit on a wall with a town in the background. Alan is a past winner of The Brain Tumour Charity raffle

Alan Stealey

“Having lost good friends to brain cancer over the years, I signed up to The Brain Tumour Charity’s raffle to raise money for vital research. I feel that anything that can be done to raise money to increase visibility of this awful disease is essential and worthwhile. 

I couldn’t believe it when I found out I had won £500 in the Raffle. My track record of winning raffles is not good, so this was a great surprise for me! I have 4 grandsons between 3 and 11 and my wife and I will use the money to spoil them – something that only grandparents are allowed to do!”

Raymond Michael smiles after winning a charity raffle

Raymond Michael

“I first became aware of The Brain Tumour Charity about 4 years ago when my god-daughter was diagnosed with a Grade 4 brain tumour whilst pregnant and only in her mid-30s. The surgeons were unable to remove all of the tumour, but thankfully she has responded well to treatment and has recently returned to work. She is very active in fundraising for The Charity, and has been an inspiration to all who know her.

I was surprised and delighted when I heard that I had won, I’ve never had a big win in a raffle before! I haven’t yet decided what to do with the winnings, but I think I’ll give part of it to my god-daughter to buy something for the three children. As a supporter of The Charity, it has made me aware of the great need to increase funding for the very valuable research which you help to fund.”

Richard Coyle and his family stand on a bridge overlooking a river

Richard Coyle

“I started supporting The Charity a few years ago after losing a friend suddenly to a brain tumour. It happened so quickly that it hit everyone really hard. After also facing a scare with one of our children and becoming aware of the pain and suffering so many families go through, I saw the Raffle as another way to support this amazing cause – I didn’t expect to win!

I’ve never won anything in my life, though I did have a very remote feeling when I bought the tickets – I’m delighted! We’re going to use the winnings to buy some water sports equipment, meaning we can do more of our favourite family activities which we are so grateful for.”

How would you spend your winnings?

Do you have any of those big dream moments on your wish list? The kind you think, “One day when I have the money” about? Well, £4000 can go a long way to helping dreams come true.

Here are just a few suggestions of how you could spend your prize money if you win our raffle!

Rent a castle

If you want a taste of the royal life, you could hire a castle. Some options are available from just a few hundred pounds if you don’t mind sharing the place with other people. But, if you want exclusivity, you could get a fortress like Eastnor Castle for an evening for £4000.

Drive a Formula 1 car

If you’ve always dreamed of taking to the track in an F1 car, £4000 can make it a reality. You can find an F1 driving experience that will actually put you behind the wheel, letting you feel the exhilaration of the pinnacle of motorsport.

Take a Caribbean cruise

If you prefer things at a slower pace, maybe a cruise will work for you. You could take a two week Caribbean cruise, taking in loads of sun and special sights, and could still have some spending money left over!

Buy a boat

Our past winners seem quite keen on watercrafts, so we’re guessing this is a popular way to spend raffle winnings. If a cruise ship is too big for you, you can captain your own sailboat for under £4000.

Spoil your loved ones

Our wonderful raffle winners are very keen on this option as well, which we think is fantastic. Whether you know someone affected by a brain tumour, or just want to make a loved one feel extra special, there are lots of amazing ways to spoil them with £4K.

Treat them to a weekend away, a spa day, a 5-star meal, or do whatever they love doing!

Enter our raffle here!

It’s lovely wondering what you’d do with the prize winnings. But, it helps if you enter!

So, to stand a chance of having a dream come true, be sure to enter our Win Big Raffle before 22 March!