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Grandmother’s petition for research reaches milestone 100,000

Fiona started the petition to call the Government to tackle hard to treat childhood cancers after her grandson died from a brain tumour.

We’ve stood with other charities to support Fiona in seeking more funding and awareness of these diseases and are delighted that the petition has reached the 100,000 signatures needed.

Fiona’s grandson Logan died from a DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) brain tumour in November 2017 when he was just three years old.

Fiona said: “When childhood cancer entered our family’s life, we became aware of the lack of progress not just for DIPG but also for some other childhood cancers, especially on relapse and the woeful lack of funding for childhood cancer research.

“My grandson, just like your child or grandchild, deserved to grow up. He was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumour in relation to which no meaningful progress has been made towards a cure in decades.”

Yesterday the petition received a boost when our high profile supporter Charles Spencer signed and shared it with his networks, tweeting: “It’s beyond tragic how many children die each year from brain tumours. Please sign and get us to the magic 100,000 signatures!”

The petition reaching 100,000 signatures is an incredible achievement, and will push for a debate in parliament. It is a testament to Fiona, other charities such as Abbie’s Army, and everyone in our community who has backed this.

Fiona and her family have demonstrated their fierce dedication to raising awareness and fighting for more research into brain tumours since Logan died.

Their tireless effort with the petition is helping all our community call loudly for vital policy changes from government so that research into brain tumours is at the forefront.