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Get your free bandana on…but not as you know it

We’ve a limited stock of our iconic bandanas up for grabs to repurpose into COVID-19 facemasks.

With the rapidly changing restrictions about the pandemic and shielding evolving, we know that many more people in our community are taking tentative steps out of lockdown.

As masks are compulsory on public transport and indeed in any public space where appropriate social distancing isn’t possible, we’re responding to this need.

We’re giving away hundreds of our bandanas so that those affected by a brain tumour can repurpose them into facemasks.

So many of you have posted DIY facemask-making skills, showcasing our wonderful bandanas. So get your hands on a free bandana and have a go yourselves.

By wearing one of these you can help protect others in the brain tumour community and raise awareness at the same time, so what’s not to love.

Email enquiries@thebraintumourcharity.org to request your FREE bandana with your address and quantity you’d like.

We’ve got limited stock, so get in quick!