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Tag: fatigue

  • Being active when living with a brain tumour

    Specialist physiotherapists in neuro-oncology, Jenny Collins and Serena Hartley, share their advice on taking part in physical activity when you’re living with a brain tumour.

  • Alfie’s story: “I get tired a lot”

    Three years ago, Alfie Tinney had a grade 1 pilocytic astrocytoma completely removed during a 12-hour surgery at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

  • Managing fatigue during the holidays

    With the holiday season upon us, we asked Sara Robson, a Specialist Allied Health Professional, to share some of her tips for managing fatigue in everyday life.

  • Cancer patient designs ‘Cancer on board’ badges

    Cancer patient James McNaught has designed ‘Cancer on board’ badges to help him get a seat on public transport. The 45-year-old civil servant spent three months travelling on the Tube to University College Hospital.