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  • A Christmas stocking hung over a roaring fireplace.

    Six tips for festive well-being

    As we head into the final few weeks of what’s undoubtedly been a challenging year, we’re focusing on how to look after your well-being and have as peaceful and enjoyable a festive break as possible.

  • A healthcare profesional coaches her patient through some rehabilitation exercises that use a leg press.

    Your rehabilitation questions answered by experts

    We’ve collected all the answers from our recent virtual rehabilitation Q&A with expert medical professionals from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

  • Illustration of despondent looking man in red shirt being consoled by a woman in a purple shirt.

    Coping with change and uncertainty

    Not knowing what the future may hold, or losing some control of day-to-day life, can make us feel insecure, leading to anxiety and worry. Here we share tips on ways to cope with change and uncertainty.

  • How to apply for your free bus pass

    Matt, who’s part of our Young Adult community, explains how a free bus pass is the key to his independence.

  • Get set for 2020

    We share some of our top tips for taking care of your emotional, physical and psychological needs in 2020.

  • Money-saving tips for Christmas

    Members of our community, including our benefits and money adviser from Citizens Advice, share some money-saving tips to help you keep within your budget over the holidays.

  • Looking after yourself at Christmas

    The festive season can be an exciting time of year but it’s important to make sure you pace yourself, and get the support you need for you and your loved ones. Here are some tips from our community for looking after yourself over the festive period.

  • Top tips for eating well during treatment

    It can be hard to eat well when you’re going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment. We asked an expert how to get the nutrients that you need.

  • Being active when living with a brain tumour

    Specialist physiotherapists in neuro-oncology, Jenny Collins and Serena Hartley, share their advice on taking part in physical activity when you’re living with a brain tumour.

  • Revising for and sitting exams when living with a brain tumour

    Exams are challenging at the best of times. But if you’re living with a brain tumour, you’re also likely to be struggling with fatigue, concentration or memory problems, making them even more difficult.

  • Ways to help and cope when someone you love is diagnosed with a brain tumour

    12 pieces of heartfelt advice from those who understand what life is like when someone you love has a brain tumour.

  • Carers – looking after yourself at Christmas

    Sara Challice, who cared for her husband Neil for 13 years, shares some of her tips on how to make things easier over the Christmas period.

  • Managing fatigue during the holidays

    With the holiday season upon us, we asked Sara Robson, a Specialist Allied Health Professional, to share some of her tips for managing fatigue in everyday life.

  • 21 days of wellbeing

    Join our 21 Days of Wellbeing challenge and give your wellbeing a boost

  • Keeping cool in the heat

    If a heatwave leaves you wishing you could switch your beach umbrella for your rain brolly, you’re not alone. So, we’ve put together our seven top tips to keep cool in the heat.

  • Outpatient appointments – what to bring and how to prepare

    A guest blog from 17 year old Kaleb about what to bring and how to prepare for a day care medical appointment.

  • Enjoy a long weekend your way

    As we come to one of the last bank holidays of the year, it’s time to make the most of it and enjoy the summer season!

  • All you need is love…and maybe a bit of inspiration

    Date night ideas whether you’re suffering with brain tumour-related fatigue, a lack of money, or just a plain lack of ideas.

  • Helping love blossom

    When one person is diagnosed with a brain tumour, maintaining a relationship can be difficult.