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“We won’t give up and no matter what happens in our DIPG treatment journey will be fundraising going forward.” 

Five year old Mercy is battling an incurable brain tumour. Her family are crowdfunding for £100,000 for medication from abroad.

Mercy’s Story

Mercy Cuthbertson, from North Tyneside, was diagnosed with a diffuse midline glioma, (also known as DIPG) after experiencing issues with her balance and vision and has to look outside the NHS for DIPG treatment .

Diffuse midline glioma is the second most common type of primary brain tumour in children.  They are a type of glioma and grow in the midline between the two halves of the brain.

Mercy with her Mum

Seeking best possible DIPG treatment

Mercy’s parents Lorraine and Paul – both serving officers with Northumbria Police – have vowed to fight for the best possible DIPG treatment for Mercy.  Family and friends are crowdfunding for medication that they hope will prolong her life.

The medication, which can be sourced from countries such as Germany at a cost of £4,000 a month, is not currently available to Mercy on the NHS.  Mercy’s family have set a target of £100,000 in the hope of covering treatment costs for two years, and have raised over £60,000 already. Any remaining funds will be donated to The Brain Tumour Charity.

Since her diagnosis, “adorable, loving and sociable” Mercy has undergone three brain surgeries, 28 radiotherapy sessions as well as intense physio and other hospital admissions as part of her DIPG treatment without complaint, with family and friends “astounded” about how well she has coped.

Amazed by response

We have been overwhelmed by the support from the people of the north east and abroad. We are both serving police officers and we’ve had America cops , Spanish cops and cops from all over the country supporting us. We won’t give up and no matter what happens in our journey will be fundraising going forward.

Mercy’s Mum, Lorraine

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Our paediatric high-grade glioma research

Find out about the research we are funding to bring better, kinder treatments for diffuse midline glioma – the type of tumour Mercy has.

A headshot of Professor JP Martinez-Barbera - a researcher aiming to find better treatments for diffuse midline gliomas

Professor JP Martinez-Barbera