Clinical Trials

The Brain Tumour Charity and Cancer Research UK (CRUK) are joint funding clinical trials for brain tumours throughout each year.

CRUK offer a number of different clinical trial funding schemes that open throughout the year.

All applications will be reviewed by CR-UK's Clinical Research Committee and are subjected to international, competitive peer review. Applications are assessed based on their scientific merit and strategic importance, taking into consideration comments collected from expert peer reviewers. The Committee meets twice a year. Any application approved through this route will be eligible for support in the NHS via inclusion on the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) portfolio.

Funding schemes

CRUK offer a number of funding schemes to support clinical trials, whether it be to support interventional research into treatments or to test the viability of larger trials.

Early Phase and Feasibility Study Awards – This scheme supports studies that test the viability of larger trials, including the ability to recruit and/or to explore tolerability or efficacy of treatments.

Prospective Sample Collection Awards – This scheme provides support for the collection of samples within a clinical trial but for which it is not yet possible to generate specific research questions.

Experimental Medicine Award – This award provides funding for studies addressing large, high impact translational questions in association with a clinical trial.

Late Phase Clinical Trial Awards – This scheme supports interventional research into cancer treatment (including systemic treatment, radiotherapy and surgery), with a clinical primary endpoint.

All key dates for each award can be found on their respective webpages on the CRUK website.

Assessment criteria

Each award has its own eligibility criteria, which can be found on the CRUK website. The strengths of each application will be assessed by CRUK's Clinical Research Committee and used to arrive at an overall score. Only studies scoring above an agreed threshold will be considered for funding by The Brain Tumour Charity and Cancer Research UK. Studies funded by this initiative will be jointly branded by The Brain Tumour Charity and Cancer Research UK.

It is strongly advised that prospective applicants develop their trial design with an NCRI Accredited or UKCRC Registered Clinical Trials Unit and the relevant NCRI Clinical Studies Group(s) well in advance of the submission deadline. Please see the below websites for more details:

Patient or Public Involvement (PPI)

To shape your proposal, we recommend that you have PPI at any stage of your application. To facilitate this, you may choose to engage with The Charity's Research Involvement Network (RIN). This is a virtual network of people who either have a brain tumour themselves, or care for someone who does. For them, participation in your project at any stage of its development and in any capacity, would mean using their own personal experience of this devastating disease for the greater good.

If you are interested in involving patients and carers in your research contact us at or

Additionally, if you wish to apply for any the awards listed on this page, it is encouraged that you speak to a funding manager at CRUK to discuss your proposal before starting your application. Please contact Ms Alice Holt on 020 3469 5472 or e-mail