Conferences and workshops

Funding for brain tumour research scientific conferences and workshops

Following on from the launch of our research strategy 'A Cure Can't Wait', we are setting up a scheme to support conferences and workshops.

This scheme is designed to fund scientific conferences and workshops that will inspire innovative research in these key areas and drive progress in the field, bringing us closer to understanding brain tumours and achieving our strategic goals. The conference or workshop should run for one to three days and ideally be based in the UK; however international events will be considered.

Purpose and scope

We are now seeking applications for researcher-led scientific conferences and workshops that will facilitate:

Collaboration between members of the research community

Discussion between interdisciplinary researchers

New partnerships between research and industry

The identification of key barriers which need to be overcome if we are to progress research in this field

The translation of basic research to novel therapeutic approaches that directly benefit those affected by brain tumours.

A focus on improving quality of life


Funding of up to £5,000 will be provided for conferences or workshops that bring together experts in brain tumour research and industry to catalyse new ideas and partnerships. Applications requiring over £5,000 will still be considered but must be discussed with The Charity prior to submission.

Funding will be allocated to cover direct costs, including venue hire, travel and accommodation.

Organisers must be employed at a UK university, NHS trust, or other research institution from the time of application until the completion of the conference or workshop.

Prior to the conference or workshop, 80% of the funding will be allocated, with the final 20% given on receipt of a scientific report following the event.

Application process

Application forms can be requested by email from and submitted to the same email address.

A hard copy of the signed application form should be sent within seven working days of submission to: Research Department, The Brain Tumour Charity, Hartshead House, 61-65 Victoria Road, Farnborough, GU14 7PA.

Applications will be considered by the Research team at The Charity, however applications for grants exceeding £5,000 will be considered by our Scientific Advisory Boards (SABs).

Assessment criteria

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

The potential to bring together leading researchers across different disciplines to discuss new approaches to brain tumour research

The potential to initiate and develop future work and collaborations

The feasibility of the event and its value for money

Interdisciplinary participation (favourable but not a requirement)

Key dates

The call will be open for applications throughout the year and decisions will be made within eight weeks following the receipt of applications.

Further information

For all queries relating to research funding and to be added to the distributionlist for announcements please contact the Research Team at or on 01252 418 190.

Please note: applicants should not, under any circumstances, directly approach Trustees or committee members in connection with their (or another's) research application.