Navigating the system

Dealing with the NHS, social services and other agencies that you may come across, after being diagnosed with a brain tumour, a completely new and intimidating experience.

Knowing how these agencies work, who is involved in your care and what they do, what questions to ask and what to do if you are not satisfied, can help make your experience less confusing and more manageable.

How the NHS works

The NHS underwent significant changes in 2012, see how it now works and how the different bodies all work together.

Your health team (MDT)

Your health team will be made up of many different professionals with different specialties. Find out how this works here.

Your child's health team (MDT)

Your child's health team will be made up of lots of different professionals to ensure that they get the best care.

Getting a second opinion

Lots of patients choose to explore a second opinion following their diagnosis, you can find out how to go about this here.

Questions to ask

Questions to help you remember what you want to ask, so you can understand your condition and make informed decisions.

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