The Information Standard

The Brain Tumour Charity has been certified by The Information Standard as a provider of high quality health and social care information.

The Information Standard is a certification programme for all organisations producing evidence-based health and social care information for the public. It is a scheme run by NHS England and supported by the Department of Health. Any organisation that produces health and social care information can apply to join the scheme.

If an organisation successfully meets the quality criteria of the standard and becomes certified, it can place the quality mark (shown below) on its materials. The presence of The Information Standard quality mark means that the information has been through a rigorous production and assessment process. As part of this process, the information is checked by experts in the field of neuro-oncology (or professionals in other fields, where relevant) to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date. It is also reviewed by a lay panel of patients and carers to make sure that it answers relevant questions and that it is clear and easy to understand.

The quality mark is a quick and easy way for the public to identify reliable and trustworthy sources of information.

The scheme's certified members are a mix of national charities, NHS organisations, voluntary, statutory and commercial organisations. The scheme is growing as organisations are in the process of gaining certification.

Why it's so important

According to a survey carried out by The Information Standard, the majority of the general public (72%) believe that they would be better able to manage their own and their family's health if they had quick and easy access to health information they could trust. The Information Standard, which was devised by the Department of Health, was launched to provide this kind of assurance.

Angela Coulter PhD, Hon FFPH, Hon FRCGP, an independent healthcare analyst who advises on the scheme, commented:

“Organisations that become certified members of the scheme, and therefore display The Information Standard quality mark on their health information or social care materials, have proven that they adhere to the very highest standards of information production. The public can feel confident that if they see The Information Standard quality mark on health and social care websites or leaflets then the information can be trusted and relied upon."

Our policy statement

The Brain Tumour Charity is committed to producing high quality information. We were delighted when we were certified as a provider of high quality health and social care information by The Information Standard scheme at the beginning of 2012, and we have continued to maintain that certification each year, joining a select group of the very best charities in the UK.

For all information falling within the scope of the information production system, regular reviews are carried out for continuing suitability and, where necessary, revised versions created. This includes the brain tumour factsheets produced by the Support and Information team and all information derived from them, such as the information pages on our website and our Jake and Charlie animations for children.

We are proud to comply with all requirements of The Information Standard. All individuals involved in producing information are aware of, and comply with, the policy statement and the requirements of The Standard.

We use The Information Standard quality mark on our fact sheets and website information to highlight this fact.

“We are proud to have become a member of The Information Standard scheme and to have been recognised as continued providers of quality information. With nearly 20 years' experience of supporting people affected by a brain tumour, we understand the need for clear, accurate, impartial, appropriately researched, accessible and up to date information. When someone is diagnosed with a brain tumour the individuals and their families are devastated and often have a desperate need to know more.

In a recent survey, 74% of patients and carers felt that the provision of information was the most important service. Accurate, up-to-date information helps people and empowers them. The Brain Tumour Charity continues to develop and grow and this accreditation is a fitting tribute to the dedication of the charity to be the very best in our field."

Sarah Lindsell, CEO, The Brain Tumour Charity

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